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    From: Hiroshi Shiraishi - JA2NDQ - Nov 21, 2016
Hello Siegfried Presch I was QSO as follows. But \"NOT IN THE LOG\" on your online log. Please CFM again. Thank you, Hiro JA2NDQ
From: John - K0YQ - Nov 15, 2016
Thank you Sigi and team for a very fb VP2E activation. I enjoyed working you. Danke 73. John / K0YQ
From: Ollie - F5IAE - Nov 11, 2016
Tnx to the team for the good work fm Anguilla !! Pse can you correct a mistake in the log : You got F5IA instead of F5IAE on 40m cw, 29 oct. 2016 at 06:50 utc. That is a new band for VPE2E land for me. Hope you\'ve Enjoyed the piles ! Ollie, F5IAE
From: Wolfgang - DL1WM - http://qrz - Nov 9, 2016
Vielen Dank für die DXPedition. Ihr wart phantastisch! Ich freu mich schon auf eure nächste DXPedition! 73 Wolfgang
From: Günter Schumann - DL8WGS - Nov 8, 2016
Hallo OM Sigi und vielen Dank für ein neues DXCC, denn bei dir kommen ja die QSL´S, vln Dank im Voraus!!! Übrigens alles mit Deiner einst gebauten TY 900 PA, geht ufb !!! P.S. Das QSO auf am 02.11. um 11.21 UTC auf 17m in RTTY, da hatteste mich als DL8WGG,falsch, richtig DL8WGS geloggt. Nochmals vln Dank, hat spass gemacht. vy 73 und awdh, Günter
From: Hiroshi \"Hiro\" Shiraishi - JA2NDQ - Nov 7, 2016
Hello Siegfried Presch I was QSO as follows. But \"NOT IN THE LOG\" on your online log. Please CFM again. VP2EGR 29 OCT.2016 08:00Z 40m CW 05 NOV.201622:11Z 30m CW Thank you Hiro JA2NDQ
From: Hiroshi \"Hiro\" Shiraishi - JA2NDQ - Nov 7, 2016
Hello Siegfried Presch I was QSO as follows. But \"NOT IN THE LOG\" on your online log. Please CFM again. VP2EGR 29 OCT.2016 08:00Z 40m CW 05 NOV.201622:11Z 30m CW Thank you Hiro JA2NDQ
From: Hiroshi \"Hiro\" Shiraishi - JA2NDQ - Nov 7, 2016
Hello Siegfried Presch I was QSO as follows. But \"NOT IN THE LOG\" on your online log. Please CFM again. VP2EGR 29 OCT.2016 08:00Z 40m CW 05 NOV.201622:11Z 30m CW Thank you Hiro JA2NDQ
From: Andreas - DK2CF - Nov 7, 2016
Hi Sigi and crew, nice operation, all bands CW without 160m and 10m - thank you very much.
From: Manuel - EA2DT - Nov 7, 2016
Dear VP2EGR Team, congratulations for the exceptional activity. We had a good QSO in the date 03/11/2016 at 19:12utc in the frequency 14200 split 5 up but unfortunately my callsign is not in the log. It is very strange because your signal was very strong and I listened you very clear confirming our SSB contact. Please check your log, MANY THANKS! 73 EA2DT Manuel ea2dt@ure.es
From: Rick Kile - WA7BNG - Nov 6, 2016
Thanks for a fun DXpedition to Anguilla. I have enjoyed chasing you across the bands. 73 Rick WA7BNG
From: Ray - DH6DAO - Nov 6, 2016
... difficult condx these days - but thanks for another great dxpedition and listening for the small guns. 3 new slots here - and a new dxcc in RTTY mode for me - so very happy
From: Ron - G3SEN - Nov 6, 2016
73 es thanks for helping us work Anguilla
From: Alexander V.Sobolev - UR8GM - Nov 6, 2016
25-Oct-2016 23:46:39 10111.9 CW VP2EGR 599 599 27-Oct-2016 21:41:15 7012.0 CW VP2EGR 599 599 29-Oct-2016 01:27:01 3502.0 CW VP2EGR 599 599 29-Oct-2016 23:06:52 7036.3 RTTY VP2EGR 599 599 Please corect my call 40meters qso .NO UR8MM yes GM
From: Fito - EA7AQV - Nov 5, 2016
Today I could work you on 15 m/CW, VY good SIG and VY good OP! Congratulations!!! 73
From: Mike - F5PLC - Nov 4, 2016
Hi dear Sigi, Congrat\'s for this DXpédition ! Thank you very much for all QSO ! 73 from Mike F5PLC
From: Joe - ZL2AP - Nov 4, 2016
Great to work you again, Sigi and crew! The 80m qso was not easy, but my low power and wire antenna did make it, please correct the callsign in your log: ZL2AP 3/11 0639UTC 80m CW Vielen Dank!
From: John - K9EL - Nov 4, 2016
Please tell us what antenna you are using on 160. Very good signal!
From: Alberto - IZ1FRM - Nov 3, 2016
Thanks guys for qso. Best 73 Alberto
From: K.togashi - JA7NI - Nov 3, 2016
I hope 160m CW your sunrise time
From: Sandro - VE7NY - Nov 3, 2016
Thank you guys for the 80 m and 160m , I was looking for a opening on 160 and finally wish came through . Thanks for patience , Great operation. VE7NY
From: Dieter - DJ2IA - Nov 3, 2016
Danke für die QSOs, wie immer Super-Ohren und flotter Betrieb! Kommt gesund nach Hause. DJ2IA/Dieter
From: Jens - DL5CT - Nov 2, 2016
Great DXped as usual, 1st morning some signs on topband readable,0525z-0610z - please keep on trying, tnx es 73, Jens
From: Lars - LB2TB - Nov 2, 2016
Hi Guys ! Thanks for nice QSO\'s. You had good signals most of the time. Even heard a few \"blips\" on 160M this morning... - Will lsn. agn. Good ops !!! 73 de Lars, LB2TB
From: Sergey Chernik - UR4IOR - Nov 2, 2016
Our QSO 31.10.2016 03:22UTC CW 3.501Mhc, not in the log.It was a pirate?
From: Sam - N5FO - http://look up in QRZ - Nov 2, 2016
thanks for staying with me so long to get my call. I am only using a 160 dipole 25ft off the ground, a real cloud warmer - hi hi. I wish I had Milt\'s circle, but my good friend is now an SK, and although the station is still operable, I don\'t know the fellows that have leased it. GL, Sam
From: Dick Suhar - K8WHA - Nov 1, 2016
Thanks for new band slots on VP2E Island. Vy 73 and have safe journey home. Dick K8WHA
From: Keith \'Stone\' Greaves - VP2EKG - Nov 1, 2016
Good meeting with Sigi, Frank, Manfred and the rest of the team. Thanks for visiting Anguilla. Trust you are having a great time on the island. Safe trip back to Germany. 73, Keith VP2EKG
From: peter solly - VE3AD - Nov 1, 2016
did we work on 10.1129 mhz at 22:45 oct.25? gud ops. 73
From: REINALDO MENDEZ - YV8AD - Nov 1, 2016
PLEASE 80m SSB.....best time 01:00 to 05:00 10 CW for new country ! Best hour is 18:00 -19:00, 21:00 - 22:00 and 01:00 - 02:00 thanks in advance
From: Hans - DJ7RK - http://--- - Oct 31, 2016
Moin moin from Grossensee nr. Hamburg and thanks a lot for CW QSO on 10.114,2 (10.115,4) at 10:09z today. Nice 569 signal on my simple dipole about 10m above ground. Have a nice time and safe return home - vy 73 de Hans/DJ7RK 31.10.2016 ... -.-
From: Marc - ON5FP - Oct 31, 2016
Hi guys, Nice work so far (8 bands) but not a single trace this morning on TB in ON... Hope we will manage to Q in the coming days. Don\'t forget SR in ON is 06.31 UTC. Would be great if you could stay till 07.00 UTC. TNX for considering... Good luck and 73 Marc ON5FP
From: Vlad - US3LR - http://us3lr@ukr.net - Oct 31, 2016
Sorry, I no copy to Log QSO 29.10.2016 on 14.008 MHz. Please, help restore time!
From: Hal - W8HMK - Oct 31, 2016
Sigi, You have a beautiful signal into Cincinnati, OH this evening . Very easy copy. Thank you for picking me up on 160 M CW (1.822 MHz at 00:52 UTC on 31 October 2016). You are my first VP2E on 160! Many thanks. Best 73, Hal
From: Al Van Brocklin - KD8DEU - Oct 31, 2016
Nice to get you in CW mode on several different bands here in MI, USA :) Good ops!
From: Brian Frazier - N4BAF - Oct 30, 2016
Thanks for 160m contact! Have Fun
From: Jim Springer - KC6KGL - http://QRZ - Oct 30, 2016
Thanks for your impressive effort to provide contacts via DXpeditions. Without you, I would never have logged Anguilla.
From: Dr. Thomas Wieland - DO9ZY - http://www.wielandthomas.de - Oct 29, 2016
Danke für das RTTY QSO auf 15m gestern. Noch viel Erfolg dem ganzen Team und schönen Aufenthalt vy73 de Tom DO9ZY
From: Alan Cunningham - N1AC - Oct 29, 2016
WOW! Lots of dx. I think I worked most all of your dxpeditions. TNX for all. Al - N1AC
From: Lobsang Acero - YV6AE - Oct 29, 2016
TNX for the 20 meter CW QSO! 14008.00
From: Ken Miller - K6CTW - Oct 29, 2016
TNX for the 40 meter CW QSO! Your signals are S-9+ here! Rig K2 w 50 W amp to an inverted V
From: Stewart Lewis - W0SHL - Oct 28, 2016
Good to hear you on. Two new Band/Modes. Please correct the call for the second contact from W0SSL to W0SHL. This was on 18.085 CW 2016-10-27 at 19:29. Thanks again!
From: Steve Cramer - KK6JOL - Oct 28, 2016
Hi Sigi, Thanks for QSO today. VP2EGR was my 100th country! 5 watts plus dipole. 73, Steve / KK6JOL
From: Steve Cramer - KK6JOL - Oct 28, 2016
Hi Sigi, Thanks for QSO today. VP2EGR was my 100th country! 5 watts plus dipole. 73, Steve / KK6JOL
From: Marc - ON5FP - Oct 28, 2016
Hello guys, Great performance, wkd you on 6 bands so far. Hope i will have an opportunity to add a new one to my topband score too. Have fun! TNX 73 Marc ON5FP
From: Henry \"Doc\" Van Kets - ON4IZ - Oct 28, 2016
It is always a pleasure to QSO this traveling gentleman. Nice surprise yesterday hearing Sigi on 40m.
From: Ken - WA8JOC - Oct 27, 2016
Thanks for the new band DXCC country on 80 cw. Your efforts are certainly appreciated. 73 Ken WA8JOC/CY0AA
From: Ken - SM4EMO - Oct 26, 2016
Right now (26 Oct at 10:30UTC) VP2EGR is Calling CQ on 10.113 but the customers are few and far between. Perhaps a bandchange would be a good idéa.
From: Gary - ZL2IFB - Oct 26, 2016
Good sig from Anguilla on 30m today in our mid- afternoon, despite the high A-index wiping out the high bands here. GL in CQ WW at the weekend: I hope (for everyone!) that the ionosphere recovers in time. 73 Gary ZL2iFB
From: Peter - PA1PVH - http://qrz.com/pa1pvh - Apr 7, 2016
Hello all; Allways nice to work you guys, now this dxpedition sometimes with strong Aurora. However I have 2 items to discus: Why cann`t I find my 40 mtr ssb qso in the log? Why is the year not correct, 2015 instead of 2016, by qsl request? Hopefully you can fix these items, sincere regards Peter, PA1PVH.
From: Al Van Brocklin - KD8DEU - Apr 5, 2016
Thanks for the 3 qso\'s (1 on 20M and 2 on 30M); nice signals into Michigan here in the USA.
From: Tom Ramberg - OH6VDA - Apr 4, 2016
HI! Nice homepage. I worked you the other day frm OH2K, and I am coming to JW5E april 10. I was JW6VDA for 20 years... Good DX!
From: Sigi (Bavaria) - DL6QW - Apr 4, 2016
Danke für 80m-CW-QSO letzte Nacht! Auch danke für \"trying your best\" auf 160m CW. Leider war kein Signal in Bayern zu hören. Vy 73 es gl de Sigi, DL6QW
From: Chris Thurner - OE6CUD - Apr 3, 2016
Ein Hallo an das gesammte Dx-Pedition Team! Danke für den Kontakt auf 20m in CW. Ich wünsche Euch allen noch einen schönen Aufenthalt und gute Rückkehr. 73 es 55 de Chris, Oe6CUD
From: Jan - DL7JAN - Apr 3, 2016
Vielen Dank für das QSO auf 80m! Wünsche Euch noch einen schönen letzten Tag und kommt wieder gut heim. 73 Jan,DL7JAN
From: Bob - DU7ET - Apr 2, 2016
Thanks for the qsos rtty and cw . hope we qso on ssb and especially on 160 . I will look for you 21 to 22 utc (my sunrise) ,73 bob
From: Olaf Brunner - DL7CX - http://www.qsl.net/dl7cx - Apr 2, 2016
Vielen Dank für eine weitere ufb DXPetition und mein letztes EU-DXCC auf dem Topband. Beste 73 Olaf dl7cx
From: DENNIS W BERG - WB9MSM - Apr 1, 2016
Thank you for QSO today on 20 meter CW. You had a huge signal coming into Wisconsin. 73 and see you in the pile ups.
From: Jan - DL7JAN - http://www.qsl.net/dl7jan - Feb 26, 2016
Schön das es wieder losgeht bei Euch! Hoffe Euch auf 80m arbeiten zu können. Viel Spaß und Erfolg! 73 Jan,DL7JAN
From: DORU MACEDONSKI - YO3BZF - http://QRZ. COM - Feb 22, 2016

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