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    From: Eric - SM1TDE - http://www.sm1tde.bloggspace.se - Dec 30, 2011
Thanks for the 3XY1D-card received today. HNY de Eric
From: Vladimir - UX7VA - Dec 11, 2011
Sigi Hi! Everything QSO is in place.Thank you! 73!
From: Vladimir - UX7VA - Dec 8, 2011
Sigi Hi! Why not filled QSO 30.11.2011-2011- 24 MHZ-RTTY..?
From: Scott - K8SM - Dec 6, 2011
Thanks for the new one on 40M! #293
From: Laurent PANIEN - F6BBO - Dec 5, 2011
Hello Sieg and crew Dxpeditions, It\'s for me great pleasure to meet you from different countries in the world and the qsl cards are always 100% via bureau or direct,too nice Best 73\'s Laurent
From: Roland - PE1PIN - Dec 4, 2011
Sigi, Thanks for the opportunity to work you in kenya. It\'s a new one for me.
From: Dave - IK2AGX - Dec 4, 2011
Sigi, you made a typo logging our QSO even if you spelled correctly on the air. You logged IK4AGX (does not exist) instead of IK2AGX. Please correct it. 73, Dave
From: EDDY - ON7VA - Dec 3, 2011
Hi Carl, Vielen Dank für unser QSO in Kenia. Ein guter Urlaub weiter mit der XYL und später von der Frequenz. 73, Eddy ON7VA
From: Joe - ZL2AP - Dec 2, 2011
Very pleased to work you on 30m Sigi, vielen dank!
From: Fred Lindsey - N0XA - Nov 29, 2011
Thanks for NW on 12M. 73 N0XA
From: Fred Lindsey - N0XA - Nov 29, 2011
Thanks for NW on 12M. 73 N0XA
From: leo drescher - AA4MM - Nov 29, 2011
nice pictures,tnx fer qso on 40 M
From: Scott - K8SM - Nov 28, 2011
Thanks for 30M QSO. I hope to catch you on 40 CW! GL & 73\'s, Scott K8SM
From: Philipp - OE7PGI - Nov 27, 2011
Hallo Sigi ! Danke für das \"New One\" auf 12m von Kenia ! QSL Karte geht über das Büro raus ! 73 und hoffentlich höre ich dich auch von Tonga ! OE7PGI
From: Jose - VU2JOS - http://www.niar.org - Nov 24, 2011
It was nice to contact you on 30 M Sigi. Wish you & SYL a nice Dxpedition. 73 Jose
From: Marvin - N4NY - Nov 22, 2011
Hi Sigi: Nice to work you on 40 meters! TNX for GREAT DXpedition! CU Next Time...
From: Alex - UT4EK - Nov 14, 2011
Thanks for a good DX-pedition! It was nice to work you on the bands! 73!
From: Costas - SV4FFL - http://sv4ffl.blogspot.com - Nov 8, 2011
tu very much for your great operation guys!! Your team is now in my favorite list and looking forward for your next DXpedition. Wish you had a nice time there and have a nice trip back to your country!! 73
From: Igor V. Andreev - RN2FQ - Nov 8, 2011
Tnx for nice DX- QSO! It\'s new for me. Very much I hope to receive your QSL-card, best 73 from Kaliningrad.
From: Alan - F6BFH - Nov 7, 2011
Nice operation and Hight quality of all operators thanks for your efforts. that\'s a pleasure to listen your traffic.
From: Chris - F8DZY - Nov 7, 2011
Absolutely perfect DX-Pedition ! Thank you very much for so much fun in chasing you... Great job guys, CU on the next one. Chris F8DZY.
From: Dave - G4GED - Nov 4, 2011
Mni tnx for the FB DXpedition and all the contacts. Very interesting to see the photos. I loved the one taken during the wedding! Good Luck and 73 till the next trip, Hi Dave
From: Jim - W3QY - Nov 4, 2011
Another excellent Dxpedition by Sigi and company..thanks for some band mode fills and fun in the pileups! Have a good trip home! Best 73\'s
From: DOV - 4Z4DX - http://WWW.9N7DX.COM - Nov 4, 2011
Thank you for doing a great job! ales gute de dov
From: Mitch - KI4TSI - Nov 4, 2011
Thank you for being my very first Guinea station contact. Congratulations on the successful completion of the 3XY1D DXpedition!! 73 de Mitch KI4TSI
From: Scott Woelm - WX0V - Nov 3, 2011
Thank you for doing a great job! Your signals were solid here in the US and your operators were very good. Yes, please! OQRS! That\'s WAY better than mailing green-stamps... 73! Scott - WX0V Fridley, MN
From: Gert - DK2TA - Nov 3, 2011
Danke für Eure excellente Leistung! Für mich neues Land und das auf 5 Bändern, davon 3 mit 5W. Super!
From: Saverio - IK7XLU - Nov 2, 2011
Grazie Ragazzuoli,grande Dxpedition,collegati in 6 bande ma il tempo non mi a dato la possibilità di collegarvi sulle bande basse,Complimenti vivissimi,alla prossima Expedition,grazie.de ik7xlu-saverio
From: Hardy - DC8TS - http://www.dc8ts.de - Nov 2, 2011
Hallo, danke für einige neue Band-Slots. Hady DC8TS , KC2DMA & DI2BK ( 4m experimental Lizenz )
From: Klaus - DL7AFV - Nov 2, 2011
Many thanks fer nice operation Sigi and crew! See you back at berlin. Klaus
From: manuel - WP4EJH - Nov 2, 2011
tnx for nice qso 73 manuel
From: Bertl - DJ5MN - Nov 1, 2011
Many thanks for your great DXpedition and your efforts on 160m fighting the QRM/QRN. Conditions on 160m were quite bad and you did whatever could be done to hand out a \"new one\" for the top band DX community! Many thanks! 73 Bertl
From: Alex - IW5ELA - Nov 1, 2011
Well done guys!! Good job, and thanks for the new-one,please open the OQRS sistem. 73 Alex IW5ELA
From: Eve - DL2JIL - Nov 1, 2011
Dank fuer die QSO`s. Es war wieder die reine Freude. Sehr gute Signale und eine excellente Betriebstechnik. Bis zum naechsten Mal, hi. 73/88 Eve
From: Andrew Kitchen - G7COD - http://qrz.com - Nov 1, 2011
To all the 3XY1D Team Thanks for your great team effort and allowing me the opportunity to work you guy\'s on 7 bands, even 80m! Safe journey home and vy 73 de Andrew G7COD
From: Pol Degosserie - ON8BV - Nov 1, 2011
Herzlichen DANK an die ganze Mannschaft für die geleistete Ergebnisse. Viel Arbeit bei widrige Wetterumstände. Auch vielen DANKE für Ihre Geduld mit meine gebrochene Stimme. Gute und sichere Heimflug. 73 & DANK Pol
From: Preben - OZ5UR - Nov 1, 2011
have just listened to the operator on 14007 khz - sri, but a downright poor one!!! i listened from 0648z and not until 0708z he gave his call! (qrt) the lack of signing can\'t be because of many qso\'s - as often several seconds between them. now wonder the frequency turns into chaos. 73
From: Reinhard - DH6DAO - Nov 1, 2011
Es geht dann doch mit low Power und kleiner Antenne :-)) Danke fuer 5 Kontakte und eine exzellente Betriebstechnik! Kommt gut heim!! 73
From: GEORGE - KD4QMY - Nov 1, 2011
Thanks to all who made it possible to bring 3XY1D on the air! New one for me on three bands. Great job by all! 73 de KD4QMY
From: Klaus - DK1AX - Oct 31, 2011
Hi eine kleine Entschuldigung: ich habe euch auf 4 Bändern gearbeitet. Leider auch 2 mal doppelt. Das war keine Absicht: wenn ich einen Spot sehe und euch auch noch höre, greife ich halt schnell zur Taste :-) Schaue dann erst ins Log - WFWL... Ist also nicht böse gemeint. Prima Signale habt ihr.... 73 Klaus, dk1ax
From: John Pescatore - K3TN - Oct 31, 2011
Great operation! You guys are loud and fast and accurate. 73, John K3TN
From: Bob Wilderman - K3SRO - Oct 31, 2011
Thanks for the new \"3X\" DXCC on CW and SSB. Looking forward to your next DXpedition. Great job handling and working the pile-ups.
From: AKIHIKO(AKI) OKAMOTO - JA9GLW - Oct 31, 2011
HELLO ALL.Thanks for a BIG new one. Have a good expedition all. 73
From: Larry - W4LM - Oct 31, 2011
Super signals on all bands here in the mountains of Western NC. Great ops!!
From: Greg - NS2O - Oct 31, 2011
Congrats on ur all-pro DXpedition! Finally made it though the massive pileups on 20 - tnx es vy 73!
From: Bruce - AA9RN - Oct 31, 2011
Great job. To bad to much qrn on 160. I thank you for qsying from 80 to 160 Saturday night and try.I was the only one calling and you didnt hear me at all. But you had a great signal everynight on 80 and a 539 on 160 most of the time. Thanks for the new one on 80m band.
From: dan - W5XZ - Oct 30, 2011
many thanks qso 160m !!!! 73 from texas. w5xz
From: Dave Wood - W9AJR - Oct 30, 2011
Nice going guys.
From: Bertl - DJ5MN - Oct 30, 2011
160m 160m 160m 160m--------Heard you this morning on 1821.63 up 1 around 0400 UTC -- weak but main problem was vy QSB and contest QRM. Signal went up all the time but you QSYed to 80m at 0408 UTC. PLEASE try 160m from 0400 UTC to your sunrise. Would be great if you would announce your 160m activity in detail on your DXpedition-homepage. 1821.63 is good frequency (no fisher buoye QRM). Thanks for all your great efforts! 73 de Bertl
From: Michael - DM2ORI - Oct 30, 2011
Danke für 2 Verbindungen, 12 und 15m cw. ( mit Windom und 100w ) Ihr mach ein sehr gutes Signal + exzellente Betriebstechnik. Gute Heimreise 73 Michael
From: Ron - G3SEN - Oct 30, 2011
Thanks for the qso on 20 cw today. Excellent operator. 73 Ron
From: Peter Glasmacher - DK5DC - http://dk5dc.com - Oct 30, 2011
Thanks for a professional operation. Wish I\'ll get you on 20m to make a nice 8-band :-) 73 Peter
From: Frank Wroblewski - W2XYZ - Oct 30, 2011
Thanks for the FB 30m QSO. You are my first 3X and I appreciate the way you handled the pile-ups. Nice job! 73
From: Marvin W. Beach - N4NY - Oct 29, 2011
It was GREAT to work you guys on 40 meters. It was also GREAT to notice the long periods that you spent on the air...Best wishes & TNX so MUCH!
From: Victor - UA6LTY - Oct 29, 2011
Pleasant traveling in Guinea. Thank\'s for new one on 40 mtrs. 73!
From: Tom - K1XGM - Oct 29, 2011
Thanks for a new one. 59 into RI today. 73
From: Isabelle - F5BOY - Oct 29, 2011
Many thanks for 7 bands on CW Good job !!! More RTTY will be very apprecied for new mode all band 73/88 Isabelle
From: Fero Baracsi - HA8MT - Oct 29, 2011
Great idea Sigi.We looking yours on the bands. 73\'s de HA8MT op:5K0T,ZA3HA.
From: szabo arpad - YO6FGZ - Oct 29, 2011
Great signal on 10,,15,20mCW! You people are doing a great job - many thanks
From: KARIM - F4CTJ - Oct 29, 2011
Thanks for the very good expedition congratulation for opérator very good and many thanks for the 12 contacts bye bye
From: Tomi - DL8DXW - Oct 29, 2011
Geht ja doch...! Mit FT817 (QRP 5W) und Dipol aus Dresden. Danke fürs QSO auf 10m! 73 an Frank, ex Y54ML von Tomi ex Y54OL (wohnhaft in Conakry von 1972 - 1973 im Stadtteil \"Donka\")
From: Nicolaus Sallay - PP8DA - http://QRZ.com - Oct 29, 2011
still hoping to get you on 40 meter´s ssb BEST REGARDS-PP8DA
From: Ron - N3GGT - Oct 28, 2011
You had very strong signals to Eastern Pennsylvania at 1814Z. Thank you for the 10M contact!
From: Steve - KC2SIZ - Oct 28, 2011
You\'re very strong on the East Coast of the US this afternoon. Thanks for the 10m QSO and good luck to all of you!
From: Ken - VY2RU - Oct 28, 2011
Great job, many thanks for the new RTTY contacts!
From: Dave - IW7EBA - http://https://www.facebook.com/iw7eba - Oct 28, 2011
Hi guys! I wish tell just doing a great job, your\'s signals are ever so strong, everyband!! Thank\'s for funny give us \' 73 de IW7EBA Dave.
From: Al - K8EUR - http://al.dolgosh@hamradio.org - Oct 28, 2011
Unable to contact you via your log-3xy1d email address - mailbox disabled? We exchanged reports on 160 CW on 25/10/2011 but I am not in the log. You had my call correct and repeated it twice - did it get logged improperly? I would like a correction if possible. I can email you with more details if needed, but I need a good address. Thanks, Al - K8EUR
From: Paul Genaw - K8PG - Oct 28, 2011
Thank you for all the new band QSOs,very good operators -Excellent signals on all bands Thank you-be safe-enjoy. Paul-
From: Frank - DH0JAE - Oct 28, 2011
Habe euch auf 28 MHz mit QRP als \"New One\" arbeiten können. K3, 10 Watt an einer 4,5m langen Balkon-Vertikal (Dachgeschoss, freie Sicht nach Süden). Vielen Dank und freue mich schon auf die QSL. Lege euch eine kleine Spende rein. 73+72! Frank DH0JAE, QRV only with QRP
From: Curt - KU8L - Oct 28, 2011
Outstanding signals here in Michigan. Peaking 5-10 over 9 on an OCF. Thanks for 40M CW and SSB. Great operators very easy to follow, consistent, and careful. Have Fun!
From: Davide - IZ8ESX - http://www.iz8esx.tk - Oct 28, 2011
Congratulations: I had a 2 band QSO very smoothly, your signal is loud and the operator is working great. I will look for you on the other bands, this will be a GREAT DXpedition for sure. Thank you.
From: Pierre - HB9AMO - Oct 28, 2011
Hi guys, You are doing a good job, congratulation. 73 Pierre
From: Franjo - S56EPX - Oct 28, 2011
From: Frank Romano - WA6KHK - Oct 27, 2011
Thanks for the 2 contacts on 15 SSB and 40 CW(as of 10/27/11). I hope to work you again on other bands/modes. See you in the CQ WW DX contest!
From: Chris - NU1O - Oct 27, 2011
Great DXPed. and great OPs! Thanks for the 3 bands -- so far!!
From: WILF - DJ6TK - Oct 27, 2011
Hi, please more CW on 15m 73, Wilf - dj6tk -
From: dan - W5XZ - Oct 27, 2011
still hoping for qso on 160m...good luck.
From: tomac - EI8DD - Oct 27, 2011
got you on first call.many thanks for new one.73,s tom.
From: Brendan Kilmartin - EI0CZ - Oct 27, 2011
From: Jean-Pierre - F8NUH - Oct 27, 2011
Many thanks fer fb QSO. Good luck for this expédition. F8NUH
From: Deepak - VU2CDP - Oct 27, 2011
Hi, if you could look towards Asia (not only JA) it would give little pistols like me to work a new one. Good luck with your efforts! 73, Deepak VU2CDP
From: Morris - W4REX - Oct 27, 2011
Thanks very much for a new contact on 30 mts, my first 3X on cw.....Good luck..73,s Morris
From: Reinhard - DH6DAO - Oct 27, 2011
Nice strongs signals as just now on 12m but still no chance for small stations. Listen for weak sigs pse - they still need 3X!!!
From: Zoli - HA8LNN - Oct 27, 2011
Hello all freends Many thanks for the all QSOs anf counrgratulations the excelent DXpedition! I hope to meet you again next time :) vy 73 HA8LNN-Zoli
From: Parker Bishop - N4PB - Oct 27, 2011
still need you on 20. Good operation
From: GEORGE - KD4QMY - Oct 27, 2011
Tnx for the new country on 2 bands. Good luck with the Dxpedition. 73 de KD4QMY
From: Jim Murphy - K3JM - Oct 27, 2011
You set a great example for others to follow.Hope to work you on a few more bands. GL.73
From: JAY - NY2NY - Oct 27, 2011
From: Rick Chilcote - K8ZH - http://rchilcote@k8zh.com - Oct 26, 2011
Many thanks for the new bands. You are doing a very nice job! I feel very fortunate to have worked you on 160M. Vy 73 Rick
From: Pol DEgosserie - ON8BV - Oct 26, 2011
Hard to work on 15M RTTY- Much activity - had to work 2 Hours to reach the Goal.... Thank you all for nice work. 73, pol(broken voice)!
From: Steen - OZ8SW - Oct 26, 2011
As usual a very competent, hard working and succes dx-pediton, from the hand of DL7DF and crew.
From: Hartmut - DM5TI - Oct 26, 2011
It was a hard fight to catch you on 80m. Good to copy all the time but no reply. It seems you have an very high QRN level there. Agree, low-bands close to the Equator is hamradio extreme. Enjoy your DXped.
From: Larry - VE5UA - Oct 26, 2011
When operating RTTY, please begin and end your sent RST report with the calling station\'s callsign. Thanks for the many QSOs. 73, Larry
From: GEORGE - YO2BB - Oct 26, 2011
Iam luky .I have works 8 time to diferent bands and mods.Excelent operators in specialy LES- SP3DOI.Congrats to all.Best regards,and I hope see to all agn George-YO2BB
From: Dimitris - SV9COL - http://www.sv9col.blogspot.com - Oct 26, 2011
Congratulations really nice DXpedition excellent operators!!! & with attention to ALL and not only to Big Guns as other.Thank you for all the NEW ONEs!! Vy73/DX Hpe su soon on the air !! Dimitris De SV9COL
From: Paul - VK4MA - Oct 26, 2011
Any chance of looking for VK on 80 metres at our sunrise - currently 1900z here in VK4 - we have only one hour window to work you on this path Other possibility is longpath - you would need to stay on past your sunrise to 0700z - have worked c5, d4, 6w,9l etc in past CQWWs at this time Cheers Paul - vk4ma
From: Bernd - DJ3OS - Oct 26, 2011
!Super! Operator in pile up. Danke 73 Bernd, DJ3OS, ex VK6BLC, VK9CO, VK9XT, D68BR ...
From: Bernd - DJ3OS - Oct 26, 2011
!Super! Operator in pile up. Danke 73 Bernd, DJ3OS, ex VK6BLC, VK9CO, VK9XT, D68BR ...
From: Sven Peters - DO3SP - Oct 26, 2011
finally made it, many thanks to great work, GL 73
From: Juergen - DJ3DQ - Oct 26, 2011
Thank you for 2 new Band slots at 10 m and 15 m Band in CW. Vy 73 de DJ3DQ
From: Rich - F8WBD - Oct 26, 2011
Hello gentlemen and thanks for QSOing my 80 watt to MP-1 portable vertical signal. Gl es 73 de Rich
From: Rolf - DL9CM - http://www.seefunknetz.de - Oct 26, 2011
Vielen Dank für das QSO, ich brauchte etwas mehr Zeit. Jetzt wünsche ich alles Gute und weiterhin viel Erfolg. Rig hier: Yaesu FT 840, 100 Watt, CP6 aus Japan 73, Rolf
From: W C \"Wink\" Mintz - N4GJ - Oct 26, 2011
thanks for a good dxpedition and good ops..easy to follow and work 73 Wink N4GJ
From: Bernhard - DJ5MN - Oct 25, 2011
160m 160m 160m 160m Good signals and perfect operating on standard bands, but 160m seems to be a difficult one. Please choose a frequency at the low end of the band (as you did from XV)! What about 1813 kHz??? Higher frequencies are covered with other DXped and big pileups (C50C, ZD8O, TL0CW, PJ5 all on 160...)....just my wish! Keep up the good work and enjoy your great DXped! 73 de Bernhard \"Bertl\" DJ5MN
From: PAVEL - OK4RQ - Oct 25, 2011
Vielen Dank für viele QSOs. Es ist nichts Neues für mich. Aber Sie fantastische Signale auf allen Bändern außer 160 m / 25 Morgen schön zu hören TL0CW, ZD8O, aber 3XY1D nichts - vielleicht in den nächsten Tagen / 73 de Pavel OK4RQ
From: Pol Degosserie - ON8BV - Oct 25, 2011
Thanks for the meetings. Still need you on all RTTY slots! DANKESCHÖN
From: Stefan Scharfenstein - DJ5KX - Oct 25, 2011
Vielen Dank für den Kontakt mit nur 80 Watt und einer G5RV auf 24 MHz. Es reichten unter 10 Anrufe. Super OP.
From: Géza Varga - HA6VH - http://vargageza1960@gmail.com - Oct 25, 2011
Congrats!Very nice signal on all bands.Tnx new Dxcc.Good luck! 73&DX! Ha6vh
From: Steve DeWeil - KE4WI - Oct 25, 2011
Great job in the QRN & QRM. Thanks for a new one on 80M & 40M 73 Steve
From: Bob - K7QXG - Oct 25, 2011
Great CW operator on 15 meters. Excellent copy. Disappointed that I could not break through the East Coast \"wall\" of signals on 12 meters. Very good copy here in Oregon, but unable to make contact. Thanks for adding to my DXCC totals with a brand new one. 73, K7QXG
From: David - AJ4FM - Oct 25, 2011
TNX for new one, great ops, good sigs. 73 David
From: Chas - K1DNR - Oct 25, 2011
TU From CT! 73, Chas
From: Owen Wormser - K3CB - Oct 25, 2011
Guys are doing great work, thanks. Need you on 15, 40, 80, and 160 if possible. Will keep listening for you. Owen, K3CB
From: Leif - LA9BM - Oct 24, 2011
Super operators. Tnx for QSOs but miss you on 40 ssb!!! Gd luck
From: Federico - IW1QN - Oct 24, 2011
Fantastic Signal in AllBand, also in 6m. Very Very good Operator. 73 de IW1QN.
From: Jim - K3NK - Oct 24, 2011
Nice Job! Happy DXing.
From: Johan - ZS1A - Oct 24, 2011
I just wish that DX stations will wake up and listen for Africa too. It is difficult for us to compete on the back of a beam, beaming NA or EU and one will say that if they DX from 93 by now they would have allowed for DX outside EU and NA also would love to work them. Good luck with the expedition. 73.
From: Waldi - SP7IDX - Oct 24, 2011
Hello Guys great job - many thanks ! good luck 73 Waldi SP7IDX
From: Jon - N0JK - Oct 24, 2011
Vielen Dank für den Kontakt 40M CW 24 Oktober. Meine Antenne ist ein Fallrohr! (Loaded up the downspout gutter on our duplex with a tuner, 100W FT-897 xcvr) A very marginal antenna, but nice to work you with it.
From: John Kovacs - WD8EOL - Oct 24, 2011
tnx for the new one.
From: James Sutkoff - WA2FAA - Oct 24, 2011
Thank you for all your effort, and hope you found time for a little fun. Take care. 73
From: Jim Leonard - WA6TFZ - Oct 24, 2011
Great operation but please publish ur freqs and stop this 40+ WPM CW. 30 is bad enough and eliminate any mistakes. Thanks 73
From: Jürgen - DK2AN - Oct 24, 2011
Hallo, Ihr macht tollen Betrieb auf allen Bändern. Vielen Dank dafür. 73 de Jürgen / DK2AN
From: John Wright - G3VPW - Oct 24, 2011
Tnx 8 band QSOs all CW. Congratulations on a super operation. Enjoy the rest of your visit and keep up the good work. 73 John G3VPW/VP8KF
From: Nick - VK2DX - http://www.GenesisRadio.com.au/VK2DX - Oct 24, 2011
Thanks Sigi for 40m QSO. Got you 2 hours before local sunset - thanks for picking up my sig. Antenna: inv V @10m .
From: Dennis John Gazak - N3DG - http://www.eqsl.cc - Oct 24, 2011
Thanks Sigi for many great QSOs on all the bands ! 73, Dennis John Gazak N3DG Join eQSL FREE NOW at: www.eqsl.cc
From: Jim Fenstermaker - K9JF - Oct 24, 2011
Sigi and group, Thanks for the Q\'s. The contacts finished 3X on 9 bands for DXCC. Sigi, it was sure nice to meet you and Sabrina in Berlin last month. I hope we can meet again soon. 73 Jim K9JF
From: Christopher Scibelli - NU1O - Oct 24, 2011
Thanks for traveling to Guinea. I appreciate the QSOs. 73, Chris/NU1O
From: Jurgen - DF3OL - Oct 23, 2011
Hallo Sigi, danke für das 80m QSO. Euer Signal war stärker als an den anderen Tagen auf 80m. Viel Erfolg und Freude wünsche ich der ganzen Mannschaft. AWDH Jurgen
From: Vlado - N3CZ - Oct 23, 2011
TNX for new one on few bands. Hope you get electrical power issues resolved. 73 GL.
From: Mirko - DL6ET - http://www.dl6et.de - Oct 23, 2011
Hello Guys, enjoy your stay, have fun and take care of yourselves.Hope to work you on six.... vy 73 Mirko DL6ET
From: Clay Brown - K7HC - K7HC - Oct 23, 2011
Great signal on 80 CW! You people are doing a great job - many thanks. . .
From: Mike - SV1MO - Oct 23, 2011
Please call by numbers, because us with low power it impossible to work you this century Hi! Hi! I surpised with languages you speak!!!. Keep working. 73 Mike.
From: Jon - NQ4A - Oct 23, 2011
Thank you for a new one on CW. RTTY Soon? Using Vertical and 500 Watts in Central Virginia.
From: Dave - W1WC - http://w1wc.com - Oct 23, 2011
Thanks guys for the dxpedition DL7DF and a new 5 bands for 5b dxcc. Excellent work and operating. Who said amateurs, I say professionals!
From: Colin - CT7ACG - http://www.sheffield-live.co.uk - Oct 23, 2011
Fantastic signals on all bands, many thanks for the QSO\'s I hope you enjoyed the DXpedition as much as me! Thanks es well done Best 73 Colin
From: Ray - K0KVR - Oct 23, 2011
Thanks guys. for 30 meters and 80 meters inlognow. Good job.
From: Nicolas Queru - FG4NO - Oct 22, 2011
Thank for new one DXCC, best 73 from Guadeloupe Isl
From: ORVO ARKKO - OH5NE - http://OH5NE@SRAL.FI - Oct 22, 2011
From: Paddy - EI1DG - Oct 22, 2011
Many thanks for new dxcc. 73 to all the team
From: Alex - IW5ELA - Oct 22, 2011
TNX for the new-one. big pile-up, but by vertical and 100w i\'m in log....!!! 73 Alex
From: Ray Parker - ND6S - http://none - Oct 22, 2011
Thanks for another chance to work a new CW country. 73 and have a safe DXpedition. CU on the air. Ray
From: Tömő Sándor - György - ZO5OAG - Oct 22, 2011
Hallo team !! Vielen Dank für QSO auf 40m cw heute 2011.10.22 Mit freundlichen Grüßen, `73 Sanyi YO5OAG
From: Henry - NM6V - Oct 22, 2011
Nice to see you in 3X again Sigi.
From: John - W1QS - Oct 22, 2011
Good signal on 80 meter cw tonight. Thanks for working me through the EU pileup 73 John Waldoboro, Maineb
From: zoli - HA8LNN - Oct 22, 2011
pse correct my call, is now QSO 3505 CW HA8LNN mny QRN you station tnx all QSO 73 HA8LNN Zoli
From: don - IK2EGL - http://www.ik2egl.com - Oct 21, 2011
will look for you on low band ! 73 don
From: Josep - EA3AKY - Oct 21, 2011
Hi, you were s9+20 here this evening on 6 meters, but i think you were not hearing much... do you have noise or rx problems? Pse check it. 73 and GL
From: WILF - DJ6TK - http://www.mydarc.de/dj6tk - Oct 21, 2011
Moin Sigi, tnx for the first QSO today at 21st of October on 12m CW. I will look for you in other Mode and on other Bands. Good luck for the whole Crew, moin moin from Flensburg, Wilf - dj6tk -
From: Yuri - A65CA - Oct 21, 2011
Hello Team! Once again a lot of thanks for next \"new one\"! Please, please, please sign my call correct into log. AB5CA on 21-OCT-2011 0240z 7006.0 CW should be A65CA. Operator tx my call correctly and i have confirmed it. Please update once time allowed. Please look up for West Asia sometimes. Enjoy Guinea and 73\'s! Yuri, A65CA
From: Ray - K0KVR - Oct 21, 2011
Not sure the log is up yto date. Had a confirmed QSO at 22:30 on 10/20/2011 0n 30M followed by a TU from you but nothing is in the log. Could you please check. Seems like it takes forever to work you guys with the pile ups.
From: Ken - SM4EMO - Oct 21, 2011
I\'m holding my breath for you to get on the air in RTTY which, if I work you, wíll be my #337 (#332 current).
From: Bertl - DJ5MN - Oct 21, 2011
Hi Sigi & team, mni tnx 4 easy QSO on 80m CW. NOW waiting 4 you on 160m !!!! CU & GL dj5mn
From: Lutz - DL7UGO - Oct 21, 2011
as always, excellent op
From: Hal - W8HMK - Oct 21, 2011
Hello DXpedition members, Checking your log suggests that my call is logged incorrectly. You note a cw QSO with W8SMK on 40 M. My log shows our qso at 06:14 UTC on 20 October 2011 on 7.012 MHz. Please check your log to see if that time and frequency coincide with your log for W8SMK. Thank you. 73, Hal W8HMK
From: Fernando - EA8AK - Oct 21, 2011
Hello Sigi, thanks for Qs on HF bands. Your signals are excellent. PSE try 6 meter from 20.00-21.00 utc. At this time we receive signal from TR0A, S9SIX, ZD8VHF, 9Q1D/B and some others BCN from Africa. You may have propagation for several areas( South EU, CN, CT3, CU, EA8, even for Carebeam and PY). With my best regards for all the group, Fernando EA8AK
From: Sig - DL2JIM - Oct 21, 2011
Ufb Signale, danke fuer die Aktivität. Onlinelog: Wenn mal Zeit, dann Korrektur: DL3JIM in DL2JIM umstricken (19.Okt. 19:08 UTC 7.012 MHz) - tks. Gut Funk Sig
From: Stathis Maliakis - SV5DKL - http://www.qrz.com/db/sv5dkl - Oct 21, 2011
Hello! I am sure you are having a great time over there. Please care a bit more for EU, when possible. Hope to work you more times. 73s
From: Thomas - M0TRN - http://m0trn.horsten.com - Oct 20, 2011
Guten abend! Thanks for working me on 30m, in what was probably the most massive pile-up I have ever tried in CW. Very great operating of listening so wide, much easier to find a quiet spot and gives lower power stations a fair chance! Viel Glück und beste Grüße von Thomas M0TRN! I hope you will upload to LoTW, it would help me and many others a lot :) 73, Thomas M0TRN
From: Philip B. Urquiola - NY0T - Oct 20, 2011
Thank you for being there. Hope to work you on one of the bands. Again, thank you. 73\'s, Phil, NY0T
From: Marc - OE9MBI - Oct 20, 2011
pse on 12 Meter is the call not correct OE9MDI ====== OE9MBI OE9MBI tnx 73 gd dx
From: manuel - WP4EJH - Oct 20, 2011
many tnx for qso good luck 73
From: Peter - PA1PVH - http://QRZ.COM/PA1PVH - Oct 20, 2011
Was surprized, this morning, cause heavy qrm on the receiving end ( my way ) that i could pick up your transmission between the qrmmakers... Happy that I was able to work you guys on the lower bands ( new band for me )...even looking 4ward to work you guys on 80 /160 mtrs CW... Higher bands I have allready cfmd, but if the oppertunity will apear to me, well I will not hazardtate to call on you guys... a fb job by the DL lead dx-pedition....And never ever give in on qrm makers, just keep on pushing guys, a gud operator will hear you anyway.... auf wiederhohren vieleicht, 73 Peter PA1PVH.
From: Andy - UA0BA - Oct 20, 2011
Hello ! Please listen to please sometimes Asia! Today, about 12z very loudly was heard on 10 meters But we, Asians, it is impossible to break through the wall of Europe. Thank you! An excellent expedition! 73! de Andy/UA0BA
From: DOMITILO MENDEZ R. - EA8AJY - http://URE-CHASNA - Oct 20, 2011
From: Jim Leonard - WA6TFZ - Oct 20, 2011
Gud ears Sir\'s. Glad ya can find me in the pile ups! 73 Bis bald
From: Jim Leonard - WA6TFZ - Oct 20, 2011
Gud ears Sir\'s. Glad ya can find me in the pile ups! 73
From: Peter Ball - G3HQT - Oct 20, 2011
Thankyou for QSO on 30 metres CW this morning. Your signal was outstanding. Hope to meet you on other WARC bands. 73
From: Steve Tharp - WK2E - Oct 20, 2011
Quite a pileup on 20 meters. Will try again tomorrow. Thanks for the hard work.
From: James M. Dugger - KI4UVE - Oct 20, 2011
Thanks for the new one, well worth the wait!! Split 14200.0 qsx 14209.90 10.20.2011 9:24 est 1:24 utc great 5/9 signal,Good DX!!! 73\' James KI4UVE
From: Bob - K7RNV - Oct 20, 2011
Thank you for a new one for dxcc and have a safe trip home..; 73 Bob
From: Herbert Staiger - DJ2BC - Oct 19, 2011
I wish you every success and hope to have a 6-meter QSO. Take care of yourselves and come back healthy home. GL 73 Bert
From: tom - NW4N - Oct 19, 2011
see you guys on the low bands 73 have fun!
From: Josep - EA3AKY - Oct 19, 2011
Just heard your beacon on 50.103, hope work you soon, GL 73
From: Fernando - EA8AK - Oct 19, 2011
Hi Sigi, hope to work you on SIX for a NEW ONE. Best regards, Fernando
From: Jose - EA8CK - Oct 19, 2011
Nice to hear you today on 12m. Will be QRV at 50.103 as beacon must be heard easily from 18-19 UTC onwards... Good luck with your expedition!
From: Vrata - OK1KT - Oct 17, 2011
Hello guys, thanks for another rare country especially on digi modes. I am wondering how do you plan the SSTV activity - would it be on request ? I am very keen about the SSTV and PSK qso´s. GL and I am looking forward to meet you on the air.
From: Bertl - DJ5MN - Oct 12, 2011
Sigi, ich freu mich schon auf Deine/Eure DXped. Ich werde besonders auf 160m auf Euch lauern. In XV konnte ich Euch mit 100W auf 160m erwischen...das macht Lust auf mehr.. Guten Flug und viel Spass und Erfolg! Servus Bertl, DJ5MN
From: dan - W5XZ - Oct 11, 2011
hope you will listen for north america on 160m... africa is TOUGH from w5 land... 73, w5xz, dan
From: Frank Fallon - N2FF - http://n2ff@arrl.org - Oct 9, 2011
I am glad you will be on RTTY as 3X is one I need on that mode. I have 320 worked on RTTY but no Guinea. I will be hunting for your signal. I hope all goes well and is a safe trip. 73 de Frank....N2FF....
From: Fernando - EA8AK - Sep 5, 2011
Hi Sigi ! It was nice working you on SIX meter this Es seasson. I hope we may QSO a 6 m Q from 3X Guinea. We have a different path than the europeans has. The band may be open for the Canary Is, CN Morocco, South Portugal, CT3, CU, even Careebean at 21.00-22.30 gmt. Thanks for new effort and I hope QSO with you for a new one on the \"magic band\". Best 73 for all of you, Fernando EA8AK
From: Jose Angel Veloso - EA2AFL - http://ea2afl@ea2afl.com - Aug 27, 2011
Hi Sigi; In this DXpedition I also would like contact in SSTV mode, Tks for activiti. 73´s Jose. EA2AFL
From: Jose Angel Veloso - EA2AFL - http://ea2afl@ea2afl.com - Aug 27, 2011
Hi Sigi; Thanks for activiti the SSTV mode, I hope contact you, I will QRV!! Tks, 73´s EA2AFL
From: Markus - DL9RCF - Jun 11, 2011
Hallo Sigi und Truppe, UFB Ziel - hoffe auf RTTY und 30 m gute Reise und viel Spass 73 de Markus, DL9RCF
From: Luke - VK3HJ - Jun 11, 2011
Hi Sigi, I look forward to your operation from Guinea, and a new country for me! All the best with your preparations. Luke VK3HJ
From: jose - F8BDX - Jan 30, 2011
Merci pour le site et pour les jolies Photos de QSL. 73 Jose
From: Theo - ON4ATW - Jan 22, 2011
Weird remark: I received your 9U0A QSL card for our 80M CW QSO but the online logs does not show this. Too bad QRN prevented you from being active on 160M which would have been a new one for me.
From: Ken - SM4EMO - Jan 12, 2011
Am I right in assuming that the 9U0A QSOs will be uploaded to LoTW anytime soon? Could anyone, please, confirm this?

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