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    From: Jan Förderer - DL7JAN - http://www.qsl.net/dl7jan - Oct 12, 2006
Hi Sigi Vielen Dank für die QSO\'s mit Dir als 5B4/DL7DF. Hat mich sehr gefreut. QSL\'s kommen wie immer via Büro! :) 73 und bis hin zu VU7 ;) de Jan,DLJAN (7P8JF)
From: Lorenzo - EA4AEB - Oct 11, 2006
Hurrah, Sigi Today I have received your QSL card directly.. From March on PJ7..A lot of thanks. My patient wait was prized with your honour.. 73´s Lorenzo, EA4AEB.
From: Chris - I5NPH - Oct 4, 2006
Dear Sigi, I have sent you several qsls for vu4 & FS7 & PJ7 DX-Peditions... unlikely no qsls received back..could you kindly check your records.. Thanks in advance for your help. Dx and 73 Chris PS Tks for all your DX Operations i5nph@i5nph.net
From: Michael - DH3MIT - http://www.dh3mit.de.vu - Sep 10, 2006
Hello Sigi, many thanks for great new Band Pionts FS and VU4, exellent Operation! My best 73 aus Memmingen de Michael GDXF#208 DH3MIT
From: Bharathi Prasad - VU2RBI - http://niar.org - Aug 28, 2006
Your web page is very good with lot of dxpedition news. What exactly we have to do participate dxpeditions how much money involved. Other than indian islands i have done expeditions only within india. If i want to do outside india, what i have to do. Myself and prasad are interested to participate in other expeditions you are most welcome to vu7 and what are ur plans for vu7 activity.
From: Donato - IZ7EUB - Aug 16, 2006
Dear Sigi i have had a contact with VU4/VU3NZC on 2006 Apr 22 qtr 11.05 gmt freq. 21.350 but i don\'t find my call in the log (i find only the cw contact with VU3RYG) i\'m sure because i have recorded the contact, pse let me know because i need to sent you my qsl-card direct for the contact\'s. My e-mail is: iz7eub@alice.it Tu for the courtesy, 73, de iz7eub - Donato
From: Tony T. Tritarntipvikul - E21IZC - Aug 5, 2006
Hi nice to see u on webpage. I need to you help for my qsl card confirm for vu4an/vu3nzc, I\'m not sure you got my qsl card or not. please check for me if you don\'t got if please send me by my mail because i waiting ur card for new country for my DXCC. Thanks in advance. Tony / E21izc email : wichyeint@sahaviriya.com
From: Paul L. Haefner - K0JPL - Jul 7, 2006
Looks like I did not make the log. 73 Paul
From: Arief - YC0NFL - Jun 23, 2006
I want to correction for Log Search Results for YC0NFL on http://www.dl7df.com/vu4 VU4AN/VU3NZC on 15m mode CW in fact i use mode SSB not CW. Could you pls to correction to me. Awaiting from you soon.
From: S.VIJAYAN - VU2WDP - Jun 19, 2006
Thanks for your nice eyeball at VU4AN. c.u later s.vijayan
From: MIKE - SV0XAS - Jun 12, 2006
Dear Sigi hi.I sow your logs on the net.I find 1 qso on 15m cw. Dear i worked you only phone mode,can you please check your log? Congratulation for the dx pedition,very strong signal in Athens.Ciao 73\'
From: Stefan - EA5FY - Jun 5, 2006
Hallo Ich wollte fragen ob die logs schon definitiv sind. Leider kann ich mich zur Zeit nicht finden (21/APR/2006-1450UTC-15m-VU4AN/VU3RWN. Ich hoffe Ihr könnt mir weiter etwas dazu sagen. Vielen Dank und im jeden Fall Danke für die DXpedition. Stefan
From: Dom BRAGGE - VK2JNA - http://www.geocities.com/dom_suz/ham.html - May 30, 2006
Wonderful to meet all you blokes in Port Blair & see your setup. How many goodbye beers can one have??? :-) Mighty effort & look forward to seeing you in Sydney sometime...
From: Cris Henderson - GM4FAM - May 23, 2006
Hi Sigi - was thrilled to work u from both St Martin DXCC on 160; tnx for all your great efforts wherever you go!
From: Stephan - DL1SVI - May 20, 2006
Lieber Sigi, danke für die QSO`s von VU4. Ich bewundere immer wieder die DXpeditions Crews, mit welcher Energie solche Unternehmen abgeklärt werden. Es war für mich ein neues Land. Ich danke Dir und Deinen HAM`s vielmals.Beste Grüße DL1SVI,Stephan.
From: Wolfgang - DD7ZW - May 16, 2006
Hallo Siggi, Hatte 2 SSB QSO´s auf 12m und 80m am 25.04. 4:29 UTC. Das 80m QSO ist in keinem Log. Fehlt da noch was? Mich wundert etwas, warum es beim Rückflug eine Nachforderung gab. War das nicht gebucht? oder hattet ihr die Buchung verpasst? Sonst kann ich mir das nicht vorstellen. Ansonsten schönen Dank für Eure Aktivität. Gruß Wolfgang DD7ZW
From: Yuri A. Maltsev - UA0SJ - May 13, 2006
Is well expedition on VU4 area good work`s operation but don`t qsl info to VU4AN/VU3NZB AND VU4AN/VU3RWP Maybe your know, help me please. Best 73! my E-mail: ua0sj@mail.ru
From: Eugenio - LW2EU - http://lw2eu@yahoo.com.ar - May 5, 2006
En español. Mis amigos, quisiera poder confirmar mi contacto del dia 23 de Abril hora 11,25 gmt con VU4AN/VU3SIC ? en banda de 30 metros. de no ser asi mucho lamento. Un abrazo y felicitaciones a todos por magnifica expedicion.
From: Fritz Tender - WD8E - May 4, 2006
Nice job guys and thanks for the new one.
From: S.Ram Mohan - VU2MYH - http://www.niar.org - May 2, 2006
Congratulations!!!!! to Sigi and your team. Your team has shown utmost commitment for making best use of 8 day permission to operate VU4AN, working under extereemly difficult conditions at Port Blair. Wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Regards, Mohan
From: Wayland - K4WS - May 2, 2006
Sigi, and all, I think that the best planned expedition in many years, 3y0x, has to be rated a 10. What we didn\'t expect was the most under planned expedition, both in the depths of the solar cycle, to be ranked up there with it! This play it as you go expedition was one of the greatest and fun happenings in my 45 plus years of dxing. Thanks for the great effort and cooperation between people of many nations to bring this successful operation off. 88s to Bharathi for making it happen. I hope that an economic impact was felt for the local people. The deserve it. Go to Bs7, 7o, or p5 and give me cw in the same fashion! HATS OFF TO CO-NR 1\'s! Dayton should recognize this, too! Thank you JOE for the LOTW credits!
From: John - G3PQA - May 2, 2006
Many thanks to you all - excellent effort. Really hard going on 160m., difficult condx to south UK this time of year, spent hours calling but made it in the end - thats the thrill of ham radio. Thanks also for 3X.
From: Tom - DL2OBO - http://www.dl2obo.de.vu - May 1, 2006
Hallo Sigi! Vielen Dank und hoffe bald awdh von ??
From: Ron - F5LGE| - May 1, 2006
good job see you in vu7...?
From: JERRY FIORE - N4JF - May 1, 2006
From: Jesus - EA5HT - May 1, 2006
Hello Sigi. I am EA5HT, and I have seen the logs of VU4AN/VU3NZC Dxpedition. I have 4 qso´s, in 28-SSB, 21-SSB, 18-CW and 7-SSB, but in the log there are 28-CW, 21-CW, 18-CW and 7-SSB, I believe that there is some error in my qso of 28 and 21. Please it can check them?. Thank you and congratulation for the Dxpedición En Español. Hola Sigi. Soy EA5HT, y yo he visto el logs de VU4AN/VU3NZC Dxpedition. Tengo 4 qso´s, en 28-SSB, 21-SSB, 18-CW y 7-SSB, pero en el log hay 28-CW, 21-CW, 18-CW y 7-SSB, creo que hay algun error en mis qso de 28 y 21. Por favor los puede comprobar?. Gracias y enhorabuena por la Dxpedición
From: Hugo - ON7GB - Apr 30, 2006
Hi Sigi and crew, I hope you had a good time on the Andaman hamfest. Thanks for new DXCC on 10 and 30 meters. Unfortunately 160m didn\'t work from my poor ground QTH. I am very sorry to hear about your extra flight expenses. Will be joining a 5 Euro note with my QSL request to support you. I hope everyone that got a new bandcountry will do the same!!! Your team is always doing a fantastic job and deserves some support. 73, Hugo-ON7GB
From: OLEG - UA6GG - Apr 30, 2006
HI SIGI and TEAM, thanks for excellent work- work on 160 meters has especially liked! Success to you in the further plans!!!
From: Vesa - OH5MWL - Apr 30, 2006
tnx for vu4 qso`s
From: Svetly - LZ3SM - Apr 30, 2006
Hello Guys! Many tnx for another DX-pedition. I cant imagine how can i get VU4 without your excelent operation. Best wishes and see you from another rare DX land... 73!Svetly(lz3sm)
From: Pippo - IK7YCE - http://www.qsl.net/ik7yce - Apr 30, 2006
.........hi hi ciao Sigi, I have contact mostly departs of your dx expeditions, my dxcc is served as halves of them ..... continue on this way........ great job 73 de Pippo IK7YCE/IQ7V.
From: Hans - SM6CVX - Apr 29, 2006
THANKS.Worked you on all needed band/modes except 28 mc ( no condx) and 160 meter / . I have S 9 +++ noise since 1 year on this band. Hear only local stations.Not too easy to work you then,,hi not your fault. Next time MAY BE I have found the qrm-place. Thanks anyway de Hans sm6cvx
From: Ilmo - OH2BO - Apr 29, 2006
Worked RYB and RYC on 160m. Thank You for new one. This was a great DX-pedition!
From: Marius \"MAR\" Dancilla - ON4RU - Apr 28, 2006
Excellent job ! Congrats ! When the same but as ... VU7 ????
From: Polak Tomislav - \"Tom\" - 9A2AJ - Apr 28, 2006
I have 56 year ago,and ham from 1965.y.Two way confirming all dxcc country, first time in 1987.y on my ex call YU4VOY/YU4YA, and 2004. on my call 9A2AJ. I have 330 dxcc cw only cfm !....etc And now I have QSO with: VU4AN/VU3SIE on 10,1MHz CW, VU4AN/VU3RWP on 14MHz-CW, and 7MHz-CW,all QSO is very clear with big signal, I am not deef ! But in you log nothing ! Also I collin you on 160/80m CW but nothing! 3Y0X rcvd me in first my call with 599/599 wid only 100w output!!! But you dont copy me with 1200 w output!!!HI very poor my ex friend. 73 Tom
From: Paul - I4TJE - Apr 28, 2006
Thanks Sigi and all the crew for another wonderful operations around the world
From: John J. Uhl - W5ZE - Apr 27, 2006
Thanks for the effort, going to the Andaman was hard and the loss of the return flight to Berlin the worst. I will ask our DX Club for contributions for help to cover expenses. Especially thanks for the RTTY contact, I really needed it. I did work SSB with previous expeditions to the Andamans. Danke, John, W5ZE
From: ROBERT HASZPRUNAR - OK1DH - Apr 27, 2006
DR OB SIGI!Agn ufb operation!Your\"ALLSTARS\"team was UFB. Please, look for my SSB QSO 25.APR.06/1203 UTC/21/SSB with RWN.Was 100% and CFM. But I find this QSO not in the online LOG.VY TNX!! Hope hrd You agn from a rare country.(4W,ZS8,P5,BS7...)=HIHI....AGN TNX+BEST VY 73s from Prague, from Robert,OK1DH. - ok1dh@seznam.cz
From: Bob Farmer - W9BF - Apr 26, 2006
Dear DL7DF and crew, Thank you for your fb effort in activating VU4!! I was suprised to see DK5WL\'s log on your site containing my cw QSO... Danke sehr!! And I am horrified at the way you and your team are being treated by British Airways.. how terrible!... to have to repay!! no way!!.. Please post the outcome. Even though I did not work you I will send a contribution if you have to endure paying twice... shameful and I feel obligated to send some GS\'s to minimize such a hit to the pocketbook.. 73, Bob W9BF
From: Przemek - SP3FAR - http://www.swiat.radio.com.pl - http://www.spdxc.org.pl - Apr 26, 2006
Dear Sigi & Team! You are not alone! Appeal to the polish DX communinity
From: Pavel - OK1DRQ - Apr 26, 2006
Thanks for a new one on 160m / new band also 30 m/ 73 Pavel
From: Eric Martin - K7ABV - Apr 26, 2006
thanks for the nice qso\'s, conditions not always the best, but am glad I made it into your log book, glad we could hook up for a report....73..K7ABV
From: Dave - IK2AGX - Apr 26, 2006
The best group from VU4 ! Always on the air with good signals and always keeping an eye for Europe on all bands. Thank you very much indeed. See you from the next one.
From: George - VA3EF - Apr 26, 2006
Looks like my 17m QSO is logged as VA3ER....
From: Paul Fuchs - DK8SR - Apr 26, 2006
nach vln QSOs auf Euren DX-Peditionen, jetzt endlich auch VU4/VU3SIE. Vln Dk! VU2JPS vor einigen Jahren gearbeitet, aber nicht anerkannt. 73, Sigi es alle anderen OPs Paul DK8SR PS: Wenn Ihr wieder zu Hause seid, müssen von mir einige QSLs direkt eingetroffen sein, auch fr VU4 werde ich direkt schicken.
From: Marko - OH3XR - Apr 26, 2006
Nice job once again, thanks for a new one on 160m. 73!
From: ALDO - I0DJV - http://www.arifrascati.it - Apr 26, 2006
Congratulations SIGI for the good job developed in Andaman is. Thanks to all the operators, even if I hoped to connect you in 80mt. It will be for next time. Compliments. Ciao Buona Fortuna Aldo I0DJV
From: Jukka Tarvainen - OH4MFA - http://personal.inet.fi/koti/oh4mfa - Apr 26, 2006
Thank You for alltime new DXCC country!! 73 de Jukka OH4MFA and Jouni OH4KZM
From: Ray McClure - W8CNL - Apr 26, 2006
I only made one CW qso with VU3KIE and missed everyone on RTTY. But I don\'t care as it was a beautiful operation. 73 and God Bless all. Save trip home !!
From: Dima - UA3AGW - Apr 25, 2006
Hi Sigi! Thanks a lot for nice page and wonderful operation from VU4. I think Bharati together with EU dx gang made a great effort to make it happen once again after nice winter 2004/2005 operation. This time I added 2 new most difficult bands,i.e.160 and 10(10m last day\'s morning - log still not there).One 30m QSO with NZC is missing - I\'ll write to Les for extra check.73\'s to the team and next dream could be only the same ( or any) effort from Laccadives! Sincerely, Dima, UA3AGW
From: walter - DL8JS - Apr 25, 2006
Hallo sigi und vu4-team,wieder eine super dx-pedition wie immer. Danke euch allen,und eine gute heimkehr,,,vy 73 walt,,,
From: Jenci - HA5FA - Apr 25, 2006
You are a B I G F A V O U R I T E here in our Radioclub (\"MOM Radioclub,\"HA5KFV, with more than 200 HAMs.) Vy 73 and AWDH :president , HA5FA
From: Lauri - OH2WI - Apr 25, 2006
Besten Gruess und vielen Dank wieder einmal!
From: Uli - KK8I - Apr 25, 2006
Hallo Sigi und Co., schade dass es nicht zu einem QSO gereicht hat - war aber wohl auch vermessen, aus dem US-Mittelwesten mit 100W und G5RV... Hoffentlich geht bald wieder jemand nach VU4, bei besseren Bedingungen. 73! Uli, KK8I
From: George - VA3EF - Apr 25, 2006
Thanks for \"last minute\" 17CW QSO!
From: Przemek - SP3FAR - http://www.swiatradio.com.pl - Apr 25, 2006
Thanks Sigi & Team for your job. Have a safe trip home! Thanks Berd DF3CB for your asisstance and real log on-line.
From: Victor - RW0BG - Apr 25, 2006
Many thanks for great VU4 job!!!
From: Ken - JH6QFJ - Apr 25, 2006
Thank you good DXpeditions!! I wokd on 40m and 80m but 80m is not in the log ? PSE chcek your log! at 1613Z 19.Apr VU4AN/VU3RYB on 3502 CW.
From: Gary Grogg - K4VIG - Apr 25, 2006
Many thanks for a new one. Had about given up but your work on 17 came through. Good luck and safe journey home.
From: STAN MIHAIL - YO7DIG - Apr 25, 2006
From: NICK CONDILIDIS - SV1ENX - Apr 24, 2006
From: Takeshi\"TAKE\"Funaki - JI3DST - Apr 24, 2006
Tnx vy good activities on Andaman islands on 17/15/12m.
From: Dale Conner - N4NN - Apr 24, 2006
From: julio - NP3CW - Apr 24, 2006
Excellent web page. Congratulations for the work you are doing. Made a QSO with VU4AN/VU3SIE on 20-IV-06 at 16:48 Zulu on 18.081.8 cw and the only one so far, and is a new one for me.Hope to get his QSL via DL7DF. Best Dx and 73 Julio NP3CW San Juan, P.R.
From: Juan M Morey - EA6LP - Apr 23, 2006
Hello Sigi, I want to express my admiration for what you (and the team) has got. This VU4 activation is a big present for the DX-Community. To activate this very, very, rare entitity is this fabulous way, makes a lot for expanding our hobby in this \"difficult\" time. I will try to take out all the possibilities of my station to get work VU4 in maximum possible of bands/modes. It seems to me, we are breaking a very big \"piñata\" with precious QSO´s for everybody. Congratulations, Vy 73 DX QRO JUAN - EA6LP
From: Alex - ES4MM - Apr 23, 2006
I,m wkd wid VU4AN/VU3RYG 20APR.2006 15.25 UTC 18MHZ CW 599/599 but OP write my call EI4MM.Please correctly my call ES4MM! 73 es GL!
From: Wilf - DJ6TK - Apr 23, 2006
Hi Sigi, I found my pager with all details from the 30m QSO with VU3SIE. I hope to work one of you on some other bands. Thanks for the new one in CW. My best regards to Jan - DJ8NK - /DK1BT and the other guys from the Crew. moin moin from Flensburg, Wilf - dj6tk -
From: Nikolaj Sergienko Kiev, Ukraine - UX0UN - http://www.ir3ip.net/iz5dkj - Apr 23, 2006
Dear old man Sigi, your very beautiful and power VU4 crew! Congratulations! Excellent job! CW !! Powerful impression!!! \"Blue dream \", romantic and very rare ANDAMAN Isl now is reality in our ham-radio life !! Tnx for fantastic present - a lot of \"New one\" per band\'s for my DXCC !! 73!Good luck! Good health ! I wish you new very rare DXpedition\'s! All,and every day/night was tougether with you - your old friend Nikolaj, UX0UN DXCC # 1
From: Wilf - DJ6TK - Apr 23, 2006
Hi Sigi, many thanks for a new one on 30m CW. Sorry but I lost the paper with all my details from the QSO. Can you help me?? The 17m RTTY QSO with NZB was also a new one for me. It is a great Operation from there. Vy 73 and good luck for the whole group, Wilf - dj6tk -
From: Axel - DF2UQ - Apr 23, 2006
Hi folks, it´s very hard to work one VU4-Station for a \"small pistol\" like me (100W + Groundplane). Most of the time your crew was the only one, I could copy with a good signal (S2 - S9+)on 15 and 18 meters. Most signals of the other crews were down in the noise. But at least after calling for more than 4 hours I´m in your log now. Thank you for the new one. I hope to work you and your friends many more times from anywhere around the world. 73 de Axel (DF2UQ)
From: Mitsu - JH4IFF - Feb 25, 2005
Hello Sigi. Please give your special attention to JA on 80m at your early morning. It is really hard work to make QSO with Caribbeans from Japan. Hope to work you on 80m. 73
From: Miro - OM5RW - Apr 23, 2006
UFB guys, keep up the good work. Mni tks for the TOP BAND qso, found OM3RW in on-line log but such call sign wasn\'t issued...hi. Anyway worked RYC too. FB sigs on 80m.
From: Toshirou Kameyama - JA6COW - Apr 23, 2006
Tnx vy good activities on Andaman islands.
From: Fernando - EA8AK - Apr 22, 2006
Congrats Sigi, as usually an escelent job...and be patient as the Saint JOB. Thanks for 80 and 30 mt, worked VU3RYC on 160 the 20th, but it seems..Joe DJ5IW operated from your station...and the on-line logs... the first coming.73 Fernando
From: DON JORDAN - VA7DJ - Apr 22, 2006
Good operation by the cluster but not many openings to Canada, Did hear Babs gud on 17m but she was wkng Europe. Did manage to break European pileup on 20m and made the contact. I told operator gud conditions to N.A. and he then called but no takers. Have fun and wk the world. 73 VA7DJ
From: Zugo Tibor - HA1DAE - Apr 22, 2006
Dear Sigi and crew! You had very good receiver always, but sorry now in VU4 have bad RX please repair, becuse no possible contact with low power with you. I have 100W sometime 200-300 and 80m long delta loop but you no cpoy my signals. I need VU4 contact on more bands, thank you very much! 73\' and good luck in VU4, Tibi HA1DAE DIG 5502, DTC 110
From: Wayland(Brad) - K4WS - Apr 22, 2006
Sigi, a great big THANK YOU TO ALL for one of the most enjoyable dxpeditions in memory. You guys and gals didn\'t take all the top of the line antennas and rigs, I presume, and have to tolerate all the other guys, but all are still handing out many qsos under adverse condx to many a happy dxers. This ranks at the top to me! If you had planned a big dxpedition, it couldn\'t have gone off as good. Murphy\'s law would have applied! Many thanks to the super lady who pulled this off, Barathi, and to all of you people who spent their money to help the vu\'s promote ham radio at the expense of us \" deserving\"(hi) dxers. GOOD JOB and I hope you all had a great time! 73 Brad k4ws. I needed it on cw for 341. My tower was down last year, so the \'deserving\' as Hugh Cassidy used to say get their reward! hi DX Forever!
From: Heiko Marschollek - DK3DM - Apr 22, 2006
Hallo Sigi & Co ! Danke für das QSO von VU4 auf 80m ! Ihr hattet ein gutes Signal. Zumindest an diesem Tag. VY 73 und AWDH bald ! Gute Reise !
From: DON BURNS - AA5AT - Apr 22, 2006
From: Virginio - IZ5EKV - Apr 21, 2006
Many thanks for the qso on 12m CW.....At the first you copy IZ4EKV but at last you copy very well IZ5EKV! Thanks also for the others qso in 15m cw. Compliments for the operation and i hope to meet you again. 73 de IZ5EKV.Op.Virginio!
From: Gil - F5NOD - Apr 21, 2006
Great Show ! as usual .. 73 Gil F5NOD
From: Oly - YO4WO - Apr 21, 2006
Hello Sigi, Excellent operators at VU4/VU3.... Tks for QSO`s. Very strong signals into my IC746 and 14AVQ at 27 m high.73`s Oly
From: marvin catlett - K4MLC - Apr 21, 2006
thanks for new dxcc contact.73s
From: dov - 4Z4DX - Apr 21, 2006
From: Axel Schernikau - DL6KVA - Apr 20, 2006
Hello Sigi and Crew! Great activity as always. We hope on Your team for further big activity on 160/80m. Almost the only ones ready for lowbands. 73 & gl
From: Przemek \"Pol\" - SP3FAR - http://www.swiatradio.com.pl - Apr 20, 2006
Dear Sigi, first low band\'s activity! First log on-line! You and Your Team - YOU ARE THE BEST!!!
From: Ted - VK2WL - Apr 20, 2006
Thanks chaps for a new contact with the Andaman/Nicobar Islands. Looking forward to working you again on another exotic location. Cheers
From: Mitsu - JH4IFF - Apr 20, 2006
Hello dear Sigi. Your signal on 160m was very good in this morning. But I seems that you had heavy QRN. Please spend more time on 160m. You are only one station who is operating on 160m. And no QRV in last VU4RBI/NRO operation. So many people (include me) will be waiting you. Thanks and sse you on 160m.
From: Dick - K9BWI - Apr 18, 2006
TNX for ATNO Sigi
From: Fred - HB9AAQ - Apr 18, 2006
Sauberes Operating, besten Dank und alles Gute! Bravo für die Aktion! 73 Fred
From: nestor - LU2DCY - Apr 18, 2006
pleasure fqcia in cw ??..tks nestor lu2dcy
From: Toshiyuki Saito - JM1PXG - Apr 18, 2006
Thank you for your activation,so very glad to work VU4AN/VU3RYG on 15m.
From: Jerzy - SP9CVY - Apr 17, 2006
From: Hans - SM6CVX - Apr 16, 2006
Need you on rtty any band.Also hope for qso specially on 28 mc , 10 mc and 1,8 mc.Looks like I will try at least 4 diffrent new band/modes de Hans sm6cvx
From: Antonio Brigas - CT1EDX - Apr 15, 2006
have a good luck i hope contact you good bless see you on the air 73´s toni .
From: Bill Barbee - W5LV - Apr 9, 2006
Will be looking for you on the bands as VU4. Good luck and safe trip to you and the other ops. 73 Bill W5LV
From: yannick - F0ECH - Apr 7, 2006
Thanks for the good times in st martin for me and for my friend fs5pl good dx for your next expedition in vu4 yannick f0ech - yanncor@hotmail.com
From: Glenn - VA3DX - Apr 6, 2006
I sure hope one of the groups going to VU4 will try for North America on RTTY !!!! I need it for number 326 RTTY , for honour roll !!! Perhaps around 11 - 12 gmt on the long path might work...
From: Peter Pellack - NO2R - Apr 2, 2006
My very best to you and your team,sure hope you can activate 80 and 160 meters, would be a real thrill just to hear you on the lowbands.Peter,NO2R
From: Toshiyuki Saito - JM1PXG - Mar 21, 2006
This is a fantastic site.Many good wishes for your trip to VU4. I hope that you will have time on air to provide the CW mode that I chase IOTA Islands.
From: Arlindo Ferreira - CT1EGW - Mar 20, 2006
Hope can get a qso with you...best regards and have a nice DX\'pedition... 73 es GL/DX
From: Jim Geisinger - K3QQN - Mar 14, 2006
Nice website. Will try and hear the station..73 Jim
From: Bob Canning - G0ARF - Mar 10, 2006
A very interesting site and many good wishes for your trip to VU4. I hope you will have time on air to provide the only mode I chase for DX RTTY, as I only need 2 for DXCC Honour Roll. Vry 73.
From: Jürgen - DK3WG - Mar 9, 2006
Hallo Sigi, vielen Dank für die Exp. FS/PJ7, sind wieder einige Bandpunkte für mich. Leider habe ich meinen Brief wegen eines Missverständnisses zu zeitig abgeschickt, so dass 160m fehlt. Ein weiters Fehler ist mir wohl noch unterlaufen, habe versehentlich die QSL für YJ0ADX mit reingesteckt, bitte diese zu entsorgen... Wünsche alles Gute und awdh von VU4 73, best DX Jürgen
From: Pavel - OK1DRQ - Mar 9, 2006
Thanks for all contacts /FS and PJ7/ and good luck in VU4 73 Pavel OK1DRQ
From: Mart - DL6UAA - http://www.dl6uaa.de - Mar 8, 2006
Klasse, super Prsenz auf den Bändern. Leider kein DigiMode QSO ... man kann sein Glück eben nicht überstrapazieren, hi. awdh
From: Enrique ( HENRY ) Moreno - YV5NWG - Mar 8, 2006
Tnx all the crew for a great operation. New one in several bands and modes. Hope listen for you from VU4... Pse pay atention for South America when you be there. All the best. 73\'s
From: Ralf Kopetzky - DL3EA - Mar 8, 2006
Vielen Dank für die tolle DXpedition, tolle Crew, tolle Signale und die Betriebsart war vorbildlich..... Ich bin schon gespannt, wo es beim nächsten Mal hingeht. Kommt gut wieder nach Hause, es erwartet Euch eine schöne Abkühlung! Vy 73 Ralf
From: Dan - IZ1FHF - Mar 8, 2006
Tnx for FS and PJ7 ( New one!!)in 40 meter Cw. I hope working also on Phone band on 40 m or 80m. I dont have at the moment other Antenna system, only dipole 40/80 m. Good Luck and enjoy in the pile up!!! 73 de \"Dan\"
From: Trond Nerlie - LA1TV - Mar 8, 2006
Hi Boys ! Tks fer all the qso´s from FS & PJ7 ! A great dxpedition with ufb operators ! Tks agn and have a save trip home!
From: Adam - DL1AP - Mar 8, 2006
Hi Sigi & crew! Thanks for new experience on 160m. I built new vertical and flagg-antenna for receiving in January. They work well and it was a pleasure to work you on topband. Hope more activity soon. Thanks
From: Theo - DK4DS - Mar 8, 2006
Hallo Siggi und Crew!! Super von FS und PJ7. Vielen Dank für für die Bandpunkte auch von vorherigen DXped. Vor allem herzlichen Dank für 100% QSL!! Alles gute für die Zukunft best DX Theo DK4DS

From: Bernd - DF3CB - Mar 7, 2006
Thanks Sigi and Crew for a new one on 160m! I came to the station and found my 160m/80m double dipole ragged by heavy snow load. We haven't had that much snow for decades. My vertical is 2..3 S units weaker towards the Caribbean so I tried to call with what was left of the dipole, half of it lying on the ground. It took a while but Sigi heard my weak signal. Thanks!

The ragged dipole, one half on the roof,
the other on the ground.
Lot's of snow...

From: Hans - LA2MOA - Mar 7, 2006
Thanks for QSO on 17M yesterday. A new one for me on that band. Right now listening to you and the pile on 20, hi! Good luck and keep up the good work!
From: Shalom - 4X1UN - http://www.iarc.org/~4x1un - Mar 7, 2006
Hello, I wanted to say how nice it was to wrok you yesterday through the pileup on 20m CW and even nicer to come to such a nice website see the photos and search the online log. Thanks well done, Shalom 4x1un
From: ALDO - I0DJV - http://www.arifrascati.it - Mar 7, 2006
SIGI beglückwünscht der gewöhnlich beste FACHMANN zusammen mit DL4WK, DL7DF DL7UFR DL7VOA SP3DOI XYL Sabine. eine starke Umarmung von Italien. Viel Glück Buona Fortuna i0djv Aldo
From: JOOHO NAM - DS5USH - Mar 7, 2006
Very happy time for me in this morning south korea. Thanks very much for nice contact on 20m. the contact is my first pj7 and my #326 entities. Hope cu agn from vu4. Dear All members of pj7!! Danke schon~~Danke schon!! ***at23:05 UTC sigals begin to fade. real ur rst was 539~549 on my 3ele yagi**** de DS5USH,NAM
From: Mitsu - JH4IFF - Mar 7, 2006
I hope when you operate 80m for JA today, please show up 3520 and below. And I recommend 3510-3515, because we have domestic QRM around 3520 time to time. Please remember we have much QRM 3525 and higher, cause of very narrow range of 80m band. We have 3500-3575 for 80m band include SSB segment. Thanks and hope to see you there. 73
From: Silvio - HB9LCW - Mar 6, 2006
Super DX-pedition nach FS & PJ7. Es macht echt Spass euch zu Arbeiten. Vielen Dank an die ganze Crew. vy 73 de HB9LCW Member of GDXF.
From: Sigi - SP5ELA - http://www.sp5pbe.waw.pl - Mar 6, 2006
TNX for nice fun! 73 Sigi SP5ELA
From: Ady - YO8AZQ - Mar 6, 2006
TKS for QSO In Romania, at 6 Mar, 14 MHz was 599 and almoust simgle station in my RX ...(FT847) 73 gl Ady
From: Charles - PE1MMZ - Mar 6, 2006
Thanks Sigi and crew for all your efforts. It great to see that one DXpedition results in TWO new DXCC countries for me! Kind regards, Charles, PE1MMZ
From: Waldemar - SP4KM - Mar 6, 2006
Hello Friends! My congrats to SSTV operator both FS and PJ7 activity! Great job for SSTV dxers! Very good idea to inform via Web Page abt plans BEFORE SSTV activity! Thanks! Vy 73 de Waldemar SP4KM
From: Klaus Gramowski - DL7NS - Mar 6, 2006
Wieder eine von den DXpeditions die Spaß machen und sogar noch neue Bandpunkte geben.Allein das Zuhören in Telegrafie ist ein Ohrenschmaus.Meist auch ein gutes bis sehr gutes Signal auf den Bändern. Ich freue mich schon auf weitere Unternehmungen des Teams! Für VU7 drücke ich die Daumen! Gute Rückkehr nach DL! Klaus,DL7NS (GDXF # 40)
From: Jukka - OH4MFA - Mar 6, 2006
Very good signal this morning on the Topband from PJ7. Thank you again for new one on your DXpedition! GL ES HPE CUAGN SN, 73!
From: Zoli - HA1ZH - Mar 6, 2006
Hello OMs, Mni tnx for nice SSTV QSO from PJ7 All the best to you 73! Zoli
From: Henry - AA2AP - Mar 6, 2006
Congrats for Super DXpedition. It was a fun to work with you Guys on Both side of the same Island.Looking for more from Sigi's Gang ------------------------------------------------- Pozdrowienia dla Leszka SP3DOI za niezapominanie o polakach i ciekawy split system.Bardzo fajnie!! Henry AA2AP New York
From: Aurel Cristian Ciobanu - YO7LCB - Mar 6, 2006
Hi Guys, Very good dx-expeditions and nice signals!You have wrong my call in 40 m (you have only YO7LC instead YO7LCB!!!)as FS/DL7DF.Many thanks and BEST WISHES!73 CHRIS
From: Mitsu - JH4IFF - Mar 6, 2006
Hello. Tomorrow, it will be last chance for us. I will inform you that very bad QRM on 3522-3525 at plesant time. So please try JA on 3520 and below at next morning. Thanks 73.
From: Andreas - DK2CF - Mar 6, 2006
Schade, dass Ihr gegen 0600 UTC auf 160m QRT macht, da kommt Euer Signal so richtig hoch, bis S9 am Dipol (hier Sonnenaufgang). Bitte bleibt die nächsten Tage noch ein paar Minuten länger hier. Ansonsten SUUUUPER Betriebstechnik und danke für die anderen Bänder.
From: DICK - K9BWI - Mar 6, 2006
Sigi, Great expedition as always. 73
From: Lars - DL6FCB - Mar 5, 2006
Super Betriebstechnik, laute Signale, danke für die vielen neuen Bandpunkte. Absolutes Highlight für mich war QSO auf 80m CW. 73 de Lars
From: Ken - W3JJ - Mar 5, 2006
Can you look for East Coast USA from VU4 on 20 meter SSB around 1100 UTC on longpath? Thank you.
From: Zoli - HA1ZH - Mar 5, 2006
Hello Oms,Mni tnx for all QSO from FS and PJ7. Excellent operation. I am sorry I didnt know the time when you working SSTV from FS. I hope we can meet on Monday SSTV from PJ7. 73! Zoli
From: Frans - PA0HVF - Mar 5, 2006
Hello all, Excellent operation and tnx for QSO, especialy in SSTV from FS. Looking for you in SSTV from PJ7. Should be great to work you in this mode. Will look on your news page when you go in SSTV. Have a fine time there on PJ7 we are here in the snow...hi. '73 Frans PA0HVF
From: Ragnar Otterstad - LA5HE - Mar 4, 2006
Excellent operation on low bands. For a pleasant change the operators sent the callsign often so there was never any doubt abt who the station was. Very exemplary behaviour. I hope to catch you on RTTY also before you QRT. 73 Rag
From: BERT - F6HKA - Mar 4, 2006
Very nice opérations (FS/PJ7) with very nice operators. Many thanks all the team.
From: Heiko - DL1RTL - Mar 3, 2006
Danke für die Geduld auf 80m und 40m (FS) mit meinem 20m-Langdraht und 100 W. Good luck and many dx !! DL1RTL
From: Osten - SM5DQC - Mar 3, 2006
Thanks Sigi also for PJ7 on Top Band, you had a super signal this morning local time here, Friday!
From: COURGIBET R - F5LGE - Mar 3, 2006
From: Albert Hugenholtz - PA5O - Mar 3, 2006
Good morning! My first QSO this morning PJ7/DL7DF on 40 meter! New band! Pse again SSTV if possible. What a super web-site and fine operators. Have a good time. 73, Albert
From: Adam Żach - SP1NQF - Mar 3, 2006
Many thanks for very good operation from FS and my new one on top band. Hpe to see you from pj7 on 160m- Ive heard you from pj7 last night with beutiful sign on 160m much stronger then from fs.Good luck
From: didier - F5TNI - Mar 3, 2006
Hello the team, It's a veryy very good job, CUAGN.
From: Hisa - JA1MVR - Mar 2, 2006
Thank you for serving precious Carribbean entities for JAs on the low bands!! I am pleased to be able to hook up with you on 80m from FS after VP2V last year.
From: Hugo - ON7GB - Mar 2, 2006
For 13 years now (first time I worked you on DX-pedition was ZK1FR/UO in 1993) I am looking for your DX activities and every time you give me something new. In earlier times many bandcountries, in recent years a lot of RTTY/SSTV/PSK31 band/modecountries. Every time your team is fantastic! I wish you a pleasant stay on St. Maarten and a safe trip home. 73, Hugo-ON7GB
From: Tom - DJ6YX - Mar 2, 2006
Danke für die QSO`s. cu from PJ7, Weiterhin viel Spaß+73s Tom DJ6YX
From: Bruno - F5JYD - Mar 2, 2006
Hello UFB operation as usual ! Enjoy the Caribean 73 Bruno
From: Pavel - OK1DRQ - Mar 2, 2006
Dr Sigi and team - tnx for all contacts. SUPER SIGNAL 160 to 15 mtrs. CU from PJ7. Vy 73 Pavel
From: Albert Hugenholtz - PA5O - Mar 2, 2006
Dear OM's, Thanks for all qso's so far! SSB, CW, RTTY, SSTV. New ones on RTTY and SSTV, many thanks. I hope to see you from PJ7 in SSTV! would be new for me. Many greetings from white Holland. 73, Albert PA5O
From: Victor - UA4HBW - Mar 2, 2006
Hello guys! I ask you many times to qsy on 160m at 03z. It is my sunrise. I think you understand. I missed you on TB, you qsy at 04z. Don't forget about Eastern EU please. 73! Victor UA4HBW
From: Gerd - DF9ZO - Mar 2, 2006
Danke für ein neues Land auf 80 (2.3. früh morgens) und für die Geduld (nur 10 W out + Vertical mit 3 elevated radials) beim Aufnehmen meines Rufzeichens. Super Betriebstechnik, Kompliment. 73 de Gerd, DF9ZO
From: walter - DL8JS - Mar 2, 2006
hallo dr sigi, cong.ufb dx-pedition.vy 73 de walt,,,
From: G. Luca - IV3RJT - Mar 2, 2006
Good Job, beatiful operators, tnx!
From: Gordon - G3USR - Mar 2, 2006
Thanks for the QSO on 7 Mhz this evening (in UK!) I appreciate your patience in winkling me out in the QRM ... I have just 100W and a Windom at 8m above ground. I look forward to exchanging direct QSLs and wish you all great DX and good luck. Cheers and 73! Gordon
From: George - N3GJ - Mar 2, 2006
Tnx for the Q's from FS Sigi. FB signal on 160m CW. CU frm PJ7! 73!
From: Mike - DL4SM - Mar 1, 2006
Starke Signale, super Betriebstechnik! Habt mich heute mit 100W und Dipol in CW und sogar SSB auf 160m "ausgegraben" - Spitze. Vielen Dank an Eure ganze Crew. 73 Mike
From: Guy Falcoz - F6DKQ - Mar 1, 2006
Thank you for your efforts In spite of a rather mean equipment : ft902dm + sloping dipole from 16mtrs tower and of the very low condx of propagation at the moment, I could be heard in St Martin. But...there was a good op on the other side ! 73 to you and the crew frm Guy F6DKQ
From: Manfred Beck - DF9ZW - http://www.df9zw.dl0ww.de - Mar 1, 2006
Hallo Sigi und Crew,eure Sinale sind gut und die Betriebstechnik ist spitze! Danke für die QSO's und viel Spass beim Hobby. 73 de Manfred
From: Jukka Tarvainen - OH4MFA - Mar 1, 2006
Thank You for new one on 160 m! Your signal came nicely up just before had to leave for work :)
From: kazumi nishioka - JH5FIX - Mar 1, 2006
dear om i need 20m ssb & cw pse qrv pj7. mtnx 20m cw fs. fbdx 73.kazu
From: marc - ON4ND - Mar 1, 2006
tnx qso's good luck marc on4nd
From: Ronald Comitz - N3CHX - Feb 28, 2006
Worked FS/DL7DF/DL7DF Sigi on 21.299/21.305 SSB Solid 59 signal into EPA on 2/28/06 @ 15:09 UTC 73's and CUL on another mode or band.
From: Osten - SM5DQC - Feb 28, 2006
Thanks Sigi for a "new one" on 160, will look for you again from VU4.
From: Toshiyuki Saito - JM1PXG - Feb 28, 2006
Hello,Sigi,I have never contacted with VU4,looking forward to seeing you on the air, especially on CW !Have a nice trip.
From: Wolf - DL4FCS - Feb 28, 2006
Hallo Sigi und Crew, eure Signale und Betriebtechnik sind, wie nicht anders gewohnt einfach Spitze..Naja, die Erfahrung ! Hoffe es klappt mit VU4.. Viel Spass und Tks für die Qso´s.. 73 de Wolf
From: Bogdan - SP3IQ - Feb 27, 2006
Thanks Sigi and Team for great dx-pedition. Thanks for CW/SSB/RTTY. Congrats 73 de Bogdan, SP3IQ
From: Robert Babec - T98U - http://www.qsl.net/yu4wu - Feb 27, 2006
Thanks very much for all DX-peditions, always nice to work some "new ones"! Here dellay some DX-peds between 1992-1996 because war been here, hi. Still look for a few qsl-s (YU4WU & T98U). Will first check last bunch from YU & T9 bureaus, than send eventualy requests. Best wishes and hope to work u from VU4...VU7 maby? Here need 3Y, ZS8 and VU7.(7O). AWDH! Best luck and health for all in group!!! Sincerely YOURS ! Rob,T98U
From: Enrique ( Henry) Moreno - YV5NWG - Feb 27, 2006
Congratulations. You always have the ham spirit very high. Vy nice operetion from FS. Hope cu agn from Andaman (VU4). Pse listen for SA carefully. Best 73's from YV Land Henry YV5NWG
From: Jim Clymer - WS6X - Feb 27, 2006
Thanks for a great operation and a new one on 160M!
From: Eric - DG8VE - Feb 27, 2006
Hallo, vielen Dank für's neue DXCC-Gebiet! Ich hoffe, es klappt auch im April wieder mit meiner QRP-Stn. TRX ist hier ein FT-817 mit 5 Watt an einer inverted V aus 2*6m Draht unter Dach. See you on the air! 73, Eric - DG8VE
From: Gene - AA6NP - Feb 27, 2006
Really hope to work you guys on top band tonight, the 28th! Have fun and be safe.
From: Andy - SP6AEG - Feb 27, 2006
Hello Sigi and great Crew, thanks for rare new one to my DXCC160 (FS). I hope to work with PJ7/DL7DF also soon. Best regards
From: Freddy - PY3YD - Feb 27, 2006
Hi Sigi and Team, tnx for all contacts and beautiful QSL's on your DX-Peditions. Godd luck on VP2V/DL7DF now and I hope to make so many contacts hi hi hi 73's de Freddy - See you
From: Hugo - ON7GB - Feb 26, 2006
Hi Sigi and friends, Tnx for new RTTY bandpoints on 17 and 30m. Would you be QRV SSTV on 20m from FS? 73, Hugo-ON7GB
From: Jack van Ekeren - PD2J - Feb 26, 2006
As active SWL i heard your expedition very loud thursday evening on my YAESU FT920 with CUSHCRAFT R7 vertical antenna with 59 in PA !!! Very good signals.
From: Larry - F5PBM - Feb 26, 2006
Thanks Sigi for great dxpedition... Congratulations 73 de Larry
From: Tada - JA1WPX - Feb 26, 2006
Radio since 1966 but RTTY since 2003 I need FS & PJ7 on RTTY PSE look for JA on 17m or 20m RTTY Enjoy pile up & 73
From: Zugo Tibor /Tibi/ - HA1DAE - Feb 25, 2006
Dear Friends! Congratulation for your nice expedition! Thank you very much for your great ears. I have very small station, 100W with wires on all bands, and work already for this time on 5bands including 80m cw. I will look you on other bands the PJ7 expedition. Again thank you very much. 73 DX Tibi HA1DAE
From: Aki - JH2RMU - Feb 25, 2006
Today(25 Feb), I hard your sigs on 3.523MHZ at 10:15z But vy QRM SSB. Pse QRV for JA on 3500-3520. FS and PJ7 is new one for me on 80m. Pse QRV and look for JAs.
From: Kazu - JA9FAI - Feb 25, 2006
many thanks every time,Sigi. I need RTTY on 20m,so please try to 23Z for JA. Thanks again.
From: WALT BASINGER - WA6RWI - Feb 25, 2006
From: Jack - KV1E - Feb 24, 2006
Thanks for the effort the team is putting in. Execellent operators as well. 73
From: Wojtek (Berni) Bernasinski - GU0IDA - Feb 24, 2006
Thank you for the call on 20m CW. Good luck with the DXepedition !! 73s Berni GU0IDA
From: Jörg Marotzke - DL2VL - Feb 24, 2006
Hallo Sigi und Crew, congrats zum super Signal - in "perfekter handwerklicher Ausführung" hier in Pirna zu empfangen. Weiterhin viel Spaß und Erfolg am anderen Ende! Jörg
From: Lobsang Ricardo Acero Silva - YV6EVC - Feb 24, 2006
73dx desde Venezuela Locator FJ79sk
From: Giuseppe de Lillo - IK7LJZ - Feb 23, 2006
Please qsl of XZ7A and TJ3SP I send to you 2 qsl card + IRC and $. Tnx in advance de IK7LJZ op. Giuseppe de Lillo
From: Waldemar - SP4KM - Feb 23, 2006
Please let me know abt start SSTV activity! Thanks! Waldemar
From: Will - PY5WH - Feb 21, 2006
Very good web page my friend. Please what´s the possible frequency of FS/DL7DF and PJ7/DL7DF? Will - py5wh@uol.com.br
From: Mitsumasa Uto - JH4IFF - Feb 17, 2006
Hello. I will look for PJ7/DL7DF on 80m. I need you as my new one. The QSO with PJ7 is more difficult than FS, because PJ7 is south side of the island. Normally signai is weak. It will be little bit late for us, but I will try. Please give your special attention for us. Thanks and 73.
From: Randy - WX5L - Feb 16, 2006
I am so excited about your upcoming trip to Port Blair. I hope all paperwork can be secured and even an extended stay be OK'd to give more opportunities to dx'ers. I am particularly interested in RTTY and as I know from your previous expeditions you will have RTTY with you. This will be super rare on RTTY so I hope you can devote a station to it. It will be a challenge with solar min prop but with planning and preparation maybe we can be successful. Please remember the dedicated RTTY dx'ers waiting. Kindest regards and the Best of Luck.... Randy WX5L
From: Jan - DL7JAN - http://www.qsl.net/dl7jan - Feb 14, 2006
Echt super was Ihr da wieder angekündigt habt. Hoff auch auf 160m mit FS und PJ7. Viel Glück und Spass (speziell für VU4) !!!!! cu in the pile-up vy 73 de Jan,DL7JAN
From: Michael - DH3MIT - http://www.dh3mit.de.vu - Feb 14, 2006
Hallo, vielen dank für die VP2V QSL, 5 neue Bänder damit bestätigt !!! 73 viel Glück für weitere Aktivitäten GDXF # 208
From: fritz - DL7ON - Feb 12, 2006
Hallo Sigi war eben auf Deiner Homepage. Falls wir uns nicht hoeren oder sehen alles gute für die anstehenden Expeditionen. Sieht nach neuen Ländern auf 160 und 80m für mich aus....hoffe ich Fritz DL7ON
From: tom - 4L7O - Feb 12, 2006
Hoffe euch auch so stark in der Luft zu hoeren ,wie es Angekuendigt ist. 73 de Tom
From: "Yosi" Takeshi Yoshida - JA3AAW - Feb 9, 2006
Hello DL7DF Sigi san, Thank you for the QSO with VP2V/DL7DF on 80M last year. I'd like to work both of FS and PJ7 on 80M. Then PSE QRV on 80 around your sun-rise times. Hi DF3CB Bernd san, I hope your co-operations. Good Luck! de Yosi JA3AAW
From: Kenneth J. Fattmann - NAØY - Jan 31, 2006
Dear Sigi, Please be sure to include RTTY mode on this DXpedition. VU4 is one of the very most need countries in the RTTY mode. Please be sure to include this mode. Thank you and very 73 and have a safe trip. de Ken NAØY na0y@centurytel.net
From: Ragnar - LA5HE - Jan 17, 2006
I am delighted to learn that you are going places again. I recall with pleasure working you on low bands previously. Please use at least 3 kHz split to avoid the QRM from strong EU-stations and please send your own callsign often so we can avoid all the ??? on top of you. 73 Rag
From: Hide - JA7NLW - Jan 15, 2006
Hi OM!! I am JA7NLW. PJ7 is the band new on 15m. The best condition is 2200-0000UTC on 15m. But it is hard JA to West India. I hope to contact you in the DXpeditions! Good luck
From: Jürgen - DF3OL - Jan 13, 2006
Das ist ja prima, hervorragende Gestaltung der Homepage. Weiter so diesen Erfolg der ganzen Crew & dem Seitengestalter . 73 Jürgen

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