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A25/DL7DF   Botswana - September/October 2008 - News Page
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News   Friday, Oct 31, 2008 (updated by DL7UFR)

Today we got the QSL cards from QSLShop.com.

    Monday, Oct 6, 2008 (updated by DF3CB)

We finished our operation this morning at 00:10 UTC after 27371 QSOs. We took down the 30m and 40m antennas at nighttime and the low band antennas in the early morning. We are tired but meanwhile on the way back home with a stop in Johannesburg.


Sincere thanks to the great hotel crew, we enjoyed our stay very much. The hotel manager brought us to the airport. We recommend the hotel for radio purposes, it was fun!

    Thanks for calling us and we hope you enjoyed the pile-ups as well as we did!
    Sunday, Oct 5, 2008 (updated by DF3CB)
    We had 22 SSTV QSOs yesterday.

We are beginning to take down the station tonight. The plane to Johannesburg departs at 8 UTC from Maun Airport. This means we have to take down the baem antennas at daylight. We continue to operate the low bands next night as far as possible.

    Saturday, Oct 4, 2008 (updated by DF3CB)
    SSTV - Today at 1700 UTC we are going to be on 14230, alternatively on 21340.
    We have had wonderful openings and pileups on 12m and 10m yesterday. Funnily enough 15m was almost dead at the same time. Just one signal - A61TX in PSK.
    Again, no change of 80m and 160m propagation. We are all night long on 80m and 160m. 160 is running parallel to 80. We continuously check 1822. So far only the big guns made it into our topband log. We also call and listen for VK and ZL at our sunset and sunrise.
    Tomorrow morning (Sunday) at 04:30 UTC we are going to test 30m long path to ZL and VK.
    Thursday, Oct 2, 2008 (updated by DF3CB)
    Not much of a propagation improvement on 160m and 80m. Some 100 QSOs are logged on 80m each night. 160m is very difficult - it's easier for the well equipped stations. Best time for 160m seems to be 02:45 UTC. When operating on 160 we have interference on 80m and also interference at the third station. We then stop operation on 80 and the upper bands.
    We call for VK and ZL on 80m every day, however we logged only one so far.
    Monday, Sep 29, 2008 (updated by DF3CB)

Conditions haven't improved much since the beginning. Also, 80m hasn't improved really.

    We got a few requests from VK/ZL and we are aware of the difficult path. We will especially listen for VK and ZL on 3504 at our sunrise and sunset. However, the signals have tremendous QSB and this within a single CW sign.

Nothing is happening on 160. Several skeds without success.

    Saturday, Sep 27, 2008 (updated by DF3CB)

40m was open much longer last night. 80m was in bad shape, Sigi had to fight for the 70 QSOs before sunrise. 30m didn't open at all this morning as well as the other bands. We do our best but there is nothing we can do about bad propagation.

    However, we are glad to present you the first pictures of our location and operating conditions.
    Friday, Sep 26, 2008 (updated by DF3CB)
    We've finished building antennas yesterday. We have built phased verticals for 80m, 40m and 30m. On 160m we have a vertical. Additionally to the Hex-Beam and the Spiderbeam we have also built a 20m wire yagi. And we have built a beverage right through the hotel's property.

80m was running well during the second half of the night. However we were confronted with the old problem that many stations send their call signs just once. This is very often not enough to copy a complete call sign. We worked many NA but also EU, AS and SA came through with same signal strenghts in the large pile-ups. Not much yet on 160, we need to further test it.


Everything else is fine. The equipment is running well. We just have a couple of minor transport damages on a pair of meters. We have sunshine every day, it is dry. The Sedia Riverside Hotel is supporttng us very well. We even got supporting mast material.


This afternoon we want to begin with RTTY.

    Thursday, Sep 25, 2008 (updated by DF3CB)
    This time our arrival from Berlin was effected by special hindrances. The connecting flight in Madrid was an adventure already when the next problems came up in Gabarone. The plane to Maun was 3 hours late. It was called "Delay due to in operations" in the official airline language. After the plesant flight from Johannesburg to Gabarone we thought we wouldn't be far away from our destination.
    Nevertheless everything went well at Maun airport. The hotel had sent a truck and trailer remodeled for safaries. So we could easily transport our 350 kg of baggage and equipment. It was 8 PM and dark wehen we arrived in Maun.
    We use a guest house one the hotel's property. The guest house is very suitable for the radio station and the hotel has a (slow) internet connection. The hotel is situated some 5 km outside of Maun.
    We have built all antennas yesterday and will try 80 and 160 tonight.
    The first logs are available.
    Tuesday, Sep 23, 2008 (updated by DF3CB)
    We have had a 6 hour connection flight delay in Madrid. But we finally arrived in Johannesburg yesterday and we continue to Botswana today. All our baggage/equipment arrived complete. The plane departs from Johannesburg at 12 AM. Our ETA in A2 is 16:30 local today.
    Friday, Sep 05, 2008 (updated by DL7UFR)
    Ten years successful travel with B&B Westafrikaspezialist. This anniversary was cause for a meal with the managing director royal sovereignty prince DAH BOKPE v. Allada. For the promotion of the amateur radio we lent prince DAH BOKPE v. Allada a price.
View some pictures ...
    Friday, Sep 05, 2008 (updated by DL7UFR)
    On Friday we had a meeting. All antennas are packed in the boxes. They are ready for the takeoff.
View some pictures ...
    Wednesday, Jun 25, 2008 (updated by DL7UFR)
    All donations are very welcome. US stations can send donations to Floyd, N5FG, one of our pilot stations.
    Tuesday, May 20, 2008 (updated by DL7UFR)
    Today we got some pitures from Sid, DM2AYO, from his trip to Botswana in 2005.
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    Thursday, Apr 17, 2008 (updated by DL7UFR)
    Today we got Hotel Booking Confirmation from Sedia Riverside Hotel in Maun. Many thanks to the Hotel.
    Tuesday, Apr 15, 2008 (updated by DL7UFR)
    Today we got our Lizenz A25/DL7DF from Botswana Telecommunications Authority. Many thanks to Cynthia Jansen.

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