9X0SP & 9U0A

Rwanda & Burundi - Oct/Nov 2010

9U0A Burundi Pictures

9U0A 2010 Pictures | Club du Lac Tanganyika

Sigi - DL7DF, Frank - DL7UFR, Wolf - DL4WK
Wolf - DL4WK, Sigi - DL7DF, Rolf - DL7VEE
Low band verticals for 160m and 80m
40m low band vertical HF9V
Spiderbeam for 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10m
Mountain at the east side of Lake Tanganyika
Mountain at the west side of Lake Tanganyika

Club du Lac Tanganyika

It was a real pleasure to stay at the Hotel Club Du Lac Tanganyika on the banks of Lake Tanganyika - our host for the 9U0A DXpedition in 2007. We stayed again in this hotel for the 2010 DXpediton. See their website at www.hoteltanganyika.com/eng/ for more information.

Lobby of the Club Du Lac Tanganiyka The green interior zone of the hotel
View of the hotel swimming pool Another shot
A pool for the kids Beach pictures
More beach pictures  
  A very well equipped gym
View towards the mountain ranges east of Lake Tanganiyka
with fisher boats
View towards the mountain ranges west of Lake Tanganiyka