5V7VJ and XT2OW

Togo and Burkina Faso - October 2000


Oct 16, 2000

The team is back in DL! Thanks again for a great DXpedition! The online log is complete now as well as the QSO statistics. Please note that PSK31 QSOs are listed as RTTY in the online log.

Oct 15, 2000

The DXpedition is over and the team on the way back home! Some 40,000 QSOs are in the logs for XT2OW and 5V7DF. The last log fragments will be updated here in the next days as well as the QSO breakdown. We are happy if XT2OW or 5V7VJ was a new country for you or if you could work a new band/mode.

Oct 13, 2000

Very long 6m operation yesterday. 11666 QSOs in the log so far, 173 on 160m and 551 (!) on 6m! A strong thunderstorm yesterday afternoon caused a nation-wide power failure but everything runs very well.

Oct 12, 2000

Attention: the call XT2OW has been reissued a second time! QSLs for QSOs with XT2OW after October 11, 2000 go via DL7DF, QSLs for QSOs with XT2OW (op F5AOW, Joel) in February 1999 go via F5RLE!!!.

Oct 11, 2000

XT2OW is QRV! All HF antennas are up, also the Titanex lowband vertical, which is complete now. It will be matched for 160 tomorrow. The 6m antenna will be erected today.

Please call with your complete call! Repeat your call several times when calling on 160 and 80 because of the high QRN.

Oct 10, 2000

Last 5V7VJ logs arrived. 17013 QSOs in the log, 205 QSOs on 6m. The team arrived well in Burkina Faso after staying overnight at the 5V-XT2 border and after many police controls.

Oct 9, 2000

5V7VJ went QRT at 05z and the team is on the way to Burkina Faso, XT2, by bus. 16,000 QSOs after 4 days, the statistics will be available here when the last log fragments arrive.

Another good opening on 6m yesterday. 80m was very difficult due to the high QRN but they are giving their best. 160m was impossible this time, sorry! The missing parts of the Titanex low band vertical have arrived and will be available in XT2. The local temperatures are HOT...! None of the equipment broke so far luckily.

XT2OW is supposed to become active on Tuesday, Oct 10, at noon.

Oct 8, 2000

14,000 QSOs in the log. A great 6m opening resulted in some 100 QSOs with South and Central Europe and South America. This all with the provisional 3 ele quad. The missing antennas haven't arrived yet. 5V7VJ also made many 80m DXers happy last night.

Oct 7, 2000

10,000 QSOs in the log after 2 ½ days. The missing antennas were discovered in Brussels, Belgium and will be sent to Togo hopefully today or tomorrow. A provisional 3 ele quad for 6m has been built and will be used if the 6m yagi doesn't arrive anymore. Lowband condx were very poor in 5V so far. Only very few Europeans were heard on 160m.

Oct 6, 2000

The low band vertical and the 6m yagi haven't arrived till Oct 5, 17z. A provisional 6m loop was built at least. First 80m QSOs last night. The logs arrive pretty fast, a robot updates the online log database.

Oct 5, 2000

The QSOs are rolling. The low band vertical hasn't arrived yet as well as the 6m yagi. Some low band activity with wire antennas can be expected anyway starting today. The team is working on a compromise for a 6m antenna if the yagi shouldn't arrive.

Again, please do not mix up the QSL routes for 5V7VJ! QSLs for 5V7VJ until Sep 20 go via G4ZVJ, QSLs for 5V7VJ after Oct 4 go via DL7DF.

Oct 4, 2000

The DXpedition has just begun! First spot at 1303z. The call sign is 5V7VJ in contrast to the actually issued call sign 5V7DF! The call 5V7VJ was operated by G4ZVJ just two weeks ago, so please do not mix up the QSL routes! QSLs for 5V7VJ until Sep 20 go via G4ZVJ, QSLs for 5V7VJ after Oct 4 go via DL7DF.