Guinea - October/November 2011 - News Page


Tuesday, Nov 1, 2011

3XY1D is QRT after 53933 QSOs. Thanks to everyone for calling us.

Group photo after 50000 QSOs. L.to.r. DL7UFR - DK7LX - SP3DOI - DL7DF - DL4WK - SP3CYY

Sunday, Oct 30, 2011

We have achieved 50000 QSOs today. In 2002 we logged 52480 QSOs with our Guinea DXpedition 3XY7C. We have had heavy thunderstorms this weekend which makes receiving on the low bands very difficult.

Saturday, Oct 29, 2011

Conditions become apparently a bit worse and the QSO rates slower. We don't operate 6m anymore. It doesn't make any sense to work with a receiver without a preamplifier. SSTV: we are going to operate SSTV on 24.920 or 18.105 this Saturday and Sunday because of the CQWW Contest. We are again on SSTV next Monday on 21.340 at 16:00 UTC.

Thursday, Oct 27, 2011

We have 34000+ QSOs in the logs now. Everything is running well except for three difficulties: very frequent power outages, high noise level on 160m and a broken preamplifier of the 6m receiver. We can copy only very strong signals on six. We will not take part in the CQ WW Contest this weekend. We have a added a few more pictures to our 3X Picture Gallery.

Saturday, Oct 22, 2011

The first 3XY1D DXpedition Pictures are online. We are working on the 6m RX problem. Our grid locator is IJ39eo.

Friday, Oct 21, 2011

Electricity supply still is our #1 problem. We have power blackouts again and again. It can take an hour at nighttime until we have power again. In addition to that we have had a thunder storm last night. Crashes all night long. No way to operate 80m. 30m und 40m have been better but at slower rates. Update at 1730 UTC: The 6m RX seems to be deaf. We will check it out.

Thursday, Oct 20, 2011

We are on the air with up to four stations. Our main problem here is the power supply network system. There is a ground fault circuit interrupter but it's not connected anywhere. We got a few electric shocks and stayed awake ;-) We solved at least this problem today. However we can't solve all other power supply problems. There are power blackouts for 1 to 10 minutes and then power is back again. This happened 50 times in the last two days. We haven't had any damage on our equipment - so far. All antennas are up except the one for 160m. We do that today. At least one more beam will be put up as well. A lot has changed in Guines since we have been here the last time. Prices have increased, it's probably the most expensive DXpedition we have ever had.

Wednesday, Oct 19, 2011

We have arrived very late yesterday but we are fine. Clearing at the airport took a pretty long time. In addition to that, the president of Nigeria wanted to fly, too, and this caused a traffic breakdown all over the city. We are trying to find good antenna places today and will begin to assemble the stations.

Sunday, Oct 16, 2011

Due to the good conditions on 6 meters, we will install one at 50.103 MHz beacon.

Friday, Feb 25, 2011

Today we got the licence document for 3XY1D. Many thanks to our friend Khalil for help.